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The LEC will now also be accessible in Korean!

LEC Partners Up With Afreeca TV for Summer Playoffs 2022

LEC x Afreeca TC
Did you see this partnership coming? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends Esport scene is only getting bigger and bigger every year. This new partnership also won’t stand in the way of the LEC from gaining even more viewers as they partner up with one of Korea's most prominent Internet broadcasting platforms, Afreeca TV.

Today, August 26, the LEC announced they would collaborate with Afreeca TV for LEC Playoffs 2022. Afreeca TV is a Korean streaming service, similar to Twitch TV, that offers various types of live-streaming content for people to watch. 

This new partnership will give Korean fans a chance to enjoy the LEC broadcast in both English and Korean and to cheer for the top six teams in Europe whilst they compete to become the top team in Europe and for a seed in the World Championship 2022

Afreeca TV's Head of Esports & Game Contents Division, Chae Jungwon, had this to say about the new partnership: “We are excited to announce Afreeca TV is streaming the 2022 LEC Summer Playoffs in Korean. We hope Korean viewers enjoy watching the LEC summer playoffs that start later this week.” 

The LEC explained that they are always looking for ways to make their broadcast as accessible as possible such that every fan from every country can enjoy "peak European League of Legends." Korean isn't the first language besides English that LEC offers for their broadcast. LEC also offers broadcasts in other languages like German, French, and Spanish. 

The LEC is actually not the first western region Afreeca TV has broadcasted. The first broadcast of a western region was the LCS back in 2020. But with LCS losing viewers to other regions, Afreeca TV might be looking for new alternatives. Also, top LCK teams like T1 have a streaming partnership with Afreeca TV, such that the Korean pro players have a platform that allows them to talk with their Korean fans.

The LEC Playoffs are just about to start today,  and the premier will be a series with Rogue vs. MAD Lions. It will be exciting to see how the LEC continues to grow with the addition of yet another language and streaming platform to share its content. 

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