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Lethality Is Broken And We're Back In Assassin Central

News 08-03-2024 17:37

With the start of Season 14 Riot Games has changed items. The removal of Mythic Items and the introduction of new legendary items brought us back into Assassin Meta. Here is why Lethality is so strong in Season 14.

Battle Queen Qiyana Splash 1
Qiyana benefitted a lot of the new item changes. | © Riot Games

So what changed with Lethality in Season 14 that makes it so strong? Well not only did Riot change the Lethality items, but they also changed how it works overall.

Basically for every single point of Lethality you have, you now get a whole point of Armor Penetration instead of the 0.6-1. This meant that previously you needed some extra levels for Lethality to really become worthwhile, but now it is a really efficient early game stat.

This change made Lethality 20%-30% better compared to older seasons.

This happened in 14.1 but also in 14.2 Riot has changed something very important to prepare the rise of Assassins. They took armor out of runes. That little change can mean the world to some mid laners.

LoL: How Did The Item Rework Effect Lethality

High noon talon varus
Talon loves the new Profound Hydra. | © Riot Games

Obviously they removed Mythic Items so no more mythic passives but they also initially stat nerfed Youmuu's Ghostblade. But they also nerfed every other item so that doesnt have a lot of impact. 

But they made Ghostblade cheaper. 400 Gold cheaper. This means you can purchase more lethality much earlier than usual giving you a bigger power spike in the early game.  The item still gave huge amounts of move speed so roaming to weaker enemies is always an option to get more gold.

Another item that heavily benefitted from the changes, and champions love buying it for that reason is Serylda's Grudge.

LoL Zed
Lethality is too good! | © Riot Games

While the slow was hit hard the damage was increased. Most players didnt even actually understand why it was so insanely strong.

The armor penetration was only marginally reduced but add the flat lethality on top of it, and you are basically dealing true damage to most champions!

Assassins are definitely back and we havent even talked about Profound Hydra yet which is insanely good as an execute.

Riot is already aiming at Lethality nerfs in Patch 14.6 which you can check out in our PBE Article.

Do you enjoy Assassins? I prefer them over Orianna, Syndra any day.

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