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The LCS revealed three All-Pro Teams for the Summer Split 2023.

LoL: Fans Surprised By LCS All-Pro Selections

News 27-07-2023 15:07
Fans Wondering All Star5 team
Fans Are Suprised by some picks for the All-Pro Team |©Riot Games (Montage)

The three All-Pro Teams of the LCS Summer Split 2023 have been revealed. In there are the best players, voted by the LCS broadcast team, the pro-teams and their players and third party media. Fans were not involved in the voting and this might be the reason why, according to the community, some surprising selections made it into the All-Pro Teams.

Needless to say, this all sparked some livid discussions on the League of Legends Subreddit and some community members even smelled a conspiracy.

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Fans React To LCS All-Pro Teams

The All-Pro teams for the LCS Summer Split 2023 were revealed by the league on Twitter and have sparked some discussions in the community. Since fans were not able to vote, some of them were surprised by the picked players. Some had a completely different opinion on who would have been a more deserving pick.

Surprisingly, most fans seemingly are agreeing with the picked roster combination and chosen players. For example the user "ATiBright", who wrote,

Honestly a pretty agreeable list for me. I think Unforgiven (Yeon) and Emenes (Palafox, Insanity) had some potential competition but it doesn't feel like they robbed anyone of their spots.

Well, a group of community members had a different view on that, and the word "robbed" might be one of the most used words in the whole thread. For example the user "w1czr1923," who stated, "I truly feel Rich got robbed. He was volatile, but that was his role in the game because his team is so bad…". 

Or the user "Brown-Syndrom", 

Yeon robbed for 3rd team ADC. I think too many people are crediting his success to Core’s revitalized season but he’s played great and on a team where his support is never an enchanter and the rest of the team is pretty much leaving him on an island in team fights

The user "ReallyF33lingIt" also saw someone got "robbed": "Palafox robbed again but interesting to see that Jojo got so many points. Looks good for his MVP odds". The user "GroundbreakingAlps2", wasn't happy about the All-Pro Teams either, and yes, according to him, someone got robbed as well:

2nd team clear 1st team easily.
2nd team is basically GG with a way better top laner and support.
River and gori is far stronger than jojo blabler. Honestly river got robbed.

And while River and Stixxay were part of the three All-Pro Teams, user "Nolando25" still states that they were robbed as well,

I keep seeing that river and stixxay got robbed. And while I think river and blabber were pretty close in comparison I think it’s tough to have 4/5 or 5/5 of the all pro first team go to the team that didn’t even come first.

Conclusion: Did Everybody Just Get Robbed?

Evelynn safecracker twitch pickpocket
Did someone really get "robbed" for their place on a team? | ©Riot Games

To be honest, it could have been expected that some parts of the community wouldn't be happy about certain player votes, or about the voting system in general. But from a certain point of view, it's better that fans weren't involved in the voting process. 

In the end, there might have been players in the teams solely because of their fan favorite status and not due to their in-game performances. But all the players that were picked are part of the four best teams in the LCS right now, so it's hard to speak about an undeserving vote or even "robbery". 

Sure, some players from lower ranked teams might have had a strong season as well, but since the pro-teams were involved in the voting too, they obviously weren't good enough in the eyes of their fellow colleagues. But of course: It's always nice to discuss All-Star teams and MVP's, just like in every other team sport.

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