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LoL: Phreak Gets Mad About Patch Notes Reactions And Slams Pro-Players

News 27-07-2023 11:30
Phreak has slamed pro-players for not being able to read patch notes. | © Riot Games

The announcement of Kai'Sa nerfs in Patch 13.15 has sparked a controversial debate, as many people feel the nerfs were not sufficient. Online, there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the nerfs.

Former Caster and popular LoL Game Designer, David "Phreak" Turley, has expressed his dissatisfaction with pro-players, accusing them of being "bad at reading patch notes and understanding them." He also mentioned the possibility of further Kai'Sa nerfs in the near future.

Phreak Slams Pro-Players And Influencers

Following the announcement of the planned nerfs for AP Kai'Sa, there was a wave of criticism, memes, and complaints online, with many community members, pro-players, and influencers expressing their dissatisfaction with the nerfs.

The Balancing Team's plan includes reducing the AP ratio on Kai'Sa's Q from 30% to 20% and lowering the cooldown refund from 77% to 75%. Additionally, her base health will be reduced from 670 to 640 starting HP.

These changes might appear minor when looking at the numbers, but former LoL Caster David "Phreak" Turley criticized everyone for misunderstanding the patch notes. On the League of Legends Subreddit, Phreak explained the rationale behind the nerfs and their real effects.

According to him, the Q changes are meant to differentiate the builds so that the AP build has a weaker Q, "it makes the build have a meaningfully weaker button". Along with the W change and the reduced chance of popping 5 extra plasma stacks, the damage of the AP build will be further diminished.

Arcade kaisa
The Kai'Sa changes have sparked controversial reactions. | © Riot Games

From Phreak's perspective, Kai'Sa doesn't need a massive change or nerf. "In truth, Kai'Sa only needs about a 1 - 1.5 % win rate nerf". His statement includes a few shots against the community and even pro-players. According to Phreak, players are bad at reading and understanding patch notes. He also mentioned that more nerfs for Kai'Sa might be coming in the future.

But players are really bad at reading patch notes and understanding them. Pros included. We will likely ship another nerf because perception is reality.

It will be interesting to see how the community and others react to Phreak's statement and what the future Kai'Sa nerfs might entail. For now, we have to wait and see how the first wave of nerfs will impact Kai'Sa's play rate and win rate.

Perhaps further nerfs are needed as the Worlds are approaching, and everyone wants to have a balanced meta to enjoy different champions. Rest assured, we will keep you up-to-date on the situation and the upcoming patch notes.

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