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How To Get Your League of Legends 2023 Recap

News 26-12-2023 11:30

League of Legends has a dedicated fan base, and they're seriously into checking out their own game stats. Guess what? You can figure out all you want to know about your personal statistics as a recap of 2023. And you can read everything about it here!

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We'll show you how to get your recap of 2023. | © Riot Games

As a user, you obviously want to know everything about what your statistics look like after a year of using a certain platform. Just like a Spotify Wrapped where you can find out everything about your music usage and taste, Riot shows you all your stats of Season 13. And after climbing a whole year on the ranked ladder, League of Legends players like you want to know everything about their recap, of course.

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This recap contains all crucial information on your play throughout 2023. You can see stuff like your KDA, vision score, first blood percentage, and a bunch of other important stats that you can compare with your pals and even flex on your rivals.

However, even if we had a special website for the recap in 2022, called YearIn.LoL, this time you can only obtain it through your email. And we'll show you how.

How To Get Your 2023 Recap For LoL

Riot Account Manager
This is how the Account Managment from Riot Games looks like. | © EarlyGame/Riot Games

First things first, you gotta give permission for Riot Games to send you messages by changing your account settings. And here is how:

  1. Go on the official Riot Games' website
  2. Login with your Riot account in the upper-right corner
  3. Then, you click on your name and go to the settings. You will end up on the Account Management page of Riot Games
  4. Click on "Communication Preferences" on the grid on the left and enable "Communication from Riot Games"

Once you've given Riot the green light to hit you up with the latest info, you'll start getting your League of Legends and even your VALORANT recap, in case you play Riot's shooter, too. You can also keep this setting on for the coming years, so you'll keep getting your recaps automatically at the end of each year, without having to turn it on again. Easy peasy!

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