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LoL: Is Camille Back?

News 08-04-2024 14:51

Camille has been a support for most of season 14 but with the recent changes she is getting picked more in top aswell. Is she back?

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Is Camille good in top again? | © Riot Games

Camille was the breath of fresh air for any support player that likes to engage. If you are sick and tired of Pantheon and Pyke, Season 14 Camille is just the pick for you. With the newly released Bloodsong support item and her ability to reset auto attacks very quickly she has become a very dominant support that can easily 1 vs 1 champions until the mid-game.

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Riot has recently buffed Camille because her appearance in the support position was pretty unhealthy. But as it turns out, buffing her in the top lane doesn't make her a weaker support.

Riot Wanted To Shift Her Back To Top

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It was an interesting time with Camille support. | © Riot Games

The removal of mythic items and most notably Divine Sunderer has hurt Camille a lot. In Patch 14.2 she was buffed to have a little bit more agency in her bad top lane match-ups, but it turns out those changes just made her a really great engage support. 

With the recent 14.6 Patch they tried to shift her strengths more into her Q and W while removing damage from the E. This strengthens top lane Camille a lot while also nerfing support Camille a bit. 

So did the changes work? Yes absolutely. Camille now has a higher win rate in top than in the support role. But she is now also one of the most broken top laners of season 14. Turns out that if you buff all the laning spells on a champion that scales incredibly well after lane. Well you are going to have an issue. So now we can expect Riot to nerf top lane Camille in the future.

Winterblessed Camille
After the nerfs its probably not worth it. | © Riot Games

Nerfing the E base damage made her support all in feel weak enough that she can't just freely engage all the time but her fighting and skirmishing has definitely been stronger. 

Camille Support is probably not worth the effort anymore, as your entire early game strength revolved around your E. Champions like Pyke and Pantheon just fulfill that role much better again. 

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