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Is this the beginning of the downfall for the next NA legend?

LoL: Jensen Parts Ways With Dignitas

News 23-10-2023 18:30

After failing to qualify for the Worlds for the first time in 8 years, Jensen is rumored to be parting ways with Dignitas. In this article, we delve into Jensen's history and explore potential destinations for his next move.

DIG Jensen after clapping TSM
Jensen didn't really want to be with Dignitas anymore |©Riot Games

It's time to say goodbye to Jensen once more. But who was the mid laner and where could he be going? Let's go over his career and his future options. 

The History Of Jensen

Nikolaj "Jensen" Jensen was born in 1995 in Denmark. He began his professional League of Legends career at the age of 17 with "Team Solo Mebdi." This team name is a combination of Team Solo Mid, a then-famous team (R.I.P. TSM), and the surname Mebdi. This surname belongs to Jacob Mebdi, who is now widely recognized as YamatoCannon and frequently serves as an analyst at major Riot events. He was the founder and ADC of the team. Jensen replaced "Nukeduck" there, who had also achieved significant recognition.

After receiving a competitive ban due to toxicity, Jensen became the coach for SK Gaming in January 2014.

When he was eligible to compete again, Cloud9 offered him an opportunity in 2015. Alongside seasoned veterans like Sneaky, he became a core player for Cloud9, spending seven splits with the team.

Sneaky Jensen
Sneaky and Jensen, two veterans |©Riot Games

In November 2018, it made headlines when Jensen transitioned from Cloud9 to Team Liquid, a team known for its ambition to assemble "superteams." He stayed there for three years before being replaced by another legendary LCS mid-laner, Bjergsen.

Later, in May 2022, Jensen returned to Cloud9 for a split after their experiment with LS, Summit, and Fudge in the mid-lane didn't pan out.

However, he only stayed for one split and, as of December 2022, played for Dignitas. Recently, there's been a rumor suggesting that Jensen will no longer be playing for them.

Jensen Parts Ways With Dignitas

The news comes from LEC_Wooloo, an esports journalist who has consistently been accurate with his rumors over the past few years.

Jensen has a history of qualifying for the Worlds eight times in a row. According to LEC_Wooloo, Jensen has become frustrated after Dignitas's attempt to build a strong team and go to Worlds failed. Additionally, Wooloo reports that Dignitas is planning a complete roster change, as Jungler Santorin recently retired.

Which Team Could Pick Jensen Up?

Fly Quest Vic La
VicLa didn't win as much as he was expected to|©Riot Games

Since Jensen is from Denmark, both EU and NA teams could be considered.

Personally, I would perceive it as more likely for him to stay in NA since he has been living there for 8 years.

Regarding NA teams, the following could use a new mid laner:

  • 100T
  • Flyquest

The experiment with Quid didn't really work out for 100 Thieves. An 8th place finish is not particularly impressive with a roster that includes Ssumday and Doublelift. A change to a nearly native English speaker and a veteran could potentially yield better results.

Flyquest faces a similar issue. Initially hyped as a super team, they somehow ended up in 9th place. VicLa went from being the LCK Rookie of the Year to almost becoming a meme in the LCS within a split. Flyquest will likely need a new mid laner, making Jensen a good option.

Shoppify Rebellion (formerly TSM) can count themselves fortunate to have Insanity. He has been performing well and brings significant potential as a young NA talent.

The same goes for Team Liquid, as APA is also one of the best mid laners in America and is an original NA talent.

Palafox just won the split with NRG, Bolulu breathed new life into a struggling Immortals, Gori is one of the reasons why Golden Guardians can compete, and jojopyun is the face of Evil Geniuses.

Cloud9 will also try to further develop EMENES, as he has already shown tremendous potential.

Perkz VIT
Rumor: Perkz is no longer part of Vitality|©Riot Games

In the EU, the outlook is challenging as well. Teams like G2, FNC, Heretics, BDS, and KOI are unlikely to part with their mid laners.

That leaves us with the following teams to consider:

  • Excel
  • SK Gaming
  • MAD Lions
  • KCorp
  • Team Vitality

Excel seems content with Abbedagge, although there is potential for Jensen to replace him. However, I view this as a side grade at best.

SK Gaming, being a German organization, might prioritize retaining Sertuss due to his nationality. Nevertheless, given their past association with Jensen, they could explore the possibility of bringing him in.

MAD Lions will probably retain Nisqy, but changes may still be necessary. Swapping Jensen for Nisqy might not be the optimal choice here though.

KCorp is likely to focus on acquiring French players, and there are several talented French mid laners available, such as SAKEN or Nuc. Therefore, Jensen might be an unconventional choice for them.

Finally, Team Vitality could be a potential destination. There are rumors of both Jensen leaving Dignitas and Perkz departing Vitality, and Jankos hinted that a new mid laner has already been secured for Vitality. It would make sense, as Vitality might want to retain Upset and Jensen's stability as a control mage player in the mid lane could allow them to funnel resources into Upset.

That concludes the analysis. I hope you found it insightful. Which team do you think Jensen will join?

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