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Content creator or active pro-player?

LoL: Jungler Legend Meteos Returns To C9 In Unclear Role

News 16-08-2023 11:57
Meteos Rejoines Cloud 9
Meteos rejoines his old team Cloud 9 after 6 years apart. |©Riot Games

Good news for all Cloud 9 fans out there, one of the most popular players the franchise ever had will return home. As announced by the LCS Team via a short video clip, Meteos rejoins Cloud 9 after 6 years apart. In which role the Jungler returns is currently unknown, but there are two likely options.

LoL: Meteos Joins Cloud 9 – Active Player Or Streamer?

Every long-standing viewer of the North American LCS remembers the name – Meteos. Now the legendary jungler is back as he returns to his former home, Cloud 9, where he was active during the NA LCS era from 2013 to 2017. This was announced by the franchise in a short video clip on Twitter.

Currently, there isn't much known about his potential role within the organization, whether he will be an active roster member or a content creator for the team. 

The popular wiki-website lists him as a streamer and content creator, which would be the most likely role for Meteos, since he hasn't been active in the pro-scene since July 2020.

Metos C9
Meteos was part of Cloud 9 for more than 4 years. |©Riot Games

During his seven-year long pro-player career, Meteos played for well known teams like C9, with whom he made his way into the NA LCS, Phoenix1, 100 Thieves, FlyQuest, Optic Gaming and Immortals

Since then, he had been active as a streamer and content creator and gathered a big fan base behind him. Especially, his co-streaming of the LCS and other professional League of Legends events, were praised by the community.

It will be interesting to see, which role Meteos can play in the Cloud 9 organization, but it's always nice to see a legend return, especially older names like him. Many fans are surely having nostalgic feelings about the first Cloud 9 lineup from back in the days, when Meteos played together with Sneaky, Balls, Hai and LemonNation.

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