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LCK Summer Playoffs 2023: Teams, Schedule& Livestreams

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LCK Finals Spring 2023 Header
LCK Finals 2023: Who is making it to Worlds as Korea's First Seed? | © Riot Games

The LCK Summer Playoffs are about to begin and once again Korea's best teams will go head-to-head for the crown. Also, the winner will receive a safe ticket for the League of Legend World Championship 2023. Since Worlds are in Korea this year, this would mean to have the chance of playing the biggest international tournament in front of a home crowd.

So, in this article, we will give you an overview about the participating teams, the format of the playoffs and where you can watch and follow the action.

LCK Summer Playoffs 2023: T1 Just One Victory Away From The Finals

KR Rolster Advance To LCK Semi Finals
kt Rolster won against HLE, and will now face off with T1 in the second Semi-Final |©Riot Games

The LCK Summer Playoffs are in full motion and only two matches are left before the League crowns its winners. In the first match of Round 3, Gen.G won against T1 and ended the impressive winning streak the team was one since Faker returned from Injury. So, Gen.G proceeds to the Finals, while T1 will face kt Rolster in Round 4 for a second chance.

kt won their series against Hanwha Life Esports in a dominant fashion with 3-0 and is also looking at the second Finals spot. T1 fans all around the world can be hopeful, since T1 won the first encounter with kt with 3-2 just a couple of days ago. So the momentum might be on their side, while the kt Roster will surely look out for revenge.

The winner will face Gen.G, to claim the LCK crown and a slot at the LoL World Championship in Korea.

LCK Summer Playoffs 2023: Dates and Format Explained

LCK Final Bracket
The Finals are near, who will compete against Gen.G? |©Riot Games

The LCK Summer Playoffs this year are set to start on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, and will conclude with the Grand Final on Saturday, August 19, 2023. During these timespan, the best 6 teams from the LCK Summer Season are playing in a Double Elimination Bracket from the second round on.

The two highest ranking teams from the regular Season, kt Rolster and Gen.G are already seated in the second round and are awaiting the two winning teams from the first round. The third and fourth placed team of the regular season, Hanwha Life Esports and Dplus KIA, were allowed to choose their opponents out of fifth placed T1 and sixth placed DRX.

All matches of the Playoffs will be played out in a best of 5 format, meaning the team that won three matches will continue its journey towards the finals. 

And these are the set dates for all Playoffs Matches:



Round IHanwha Life Esports vs DRXTuesday, August 8 5pm KST| 10am CEST | 1am PST
Round IDplus KIA vs T1Wednesday, August 9 5pm KST| 10am CEST | 1am PST
Round IIkt Rolster vs T1 Thursday, August 10 5pm KST| 10am CEST | 1am PST
Round IIGen.G vs Hanwah Life Esports

Friday, August 11

5pm KST| 10am CEST | 1am PST
Round II Loser's Bracketkt Rolster vs Hanwha Life EsportsSunday, August 133pm KST | 8am CEST | 11pm PST
Round III (Semi-Final)Gen.G vs T1Friday. August 123pm KST| 8am CEST | 11pm PST
Round III (Semi-Final)kt Rolster vs T1Friday. August 193pm KST| 8am CEST | 11pm PST

Grand Final

Gen.G vs TBDSaturday, August 203pm KST| 8am CEST | 11pm PST

LCK Summer Playoffs: The Teams

The top 6 teams of the regular LCK Summer Split are qualified for the Playoffs, competing for the LCK Title and a qualification for the LoL World Championship. These teams are KT Rolster (#1), Gen.G(#2), Hanwha Life Esports (#3), Dplus KIA (#4), T1 (#5) and DRX (#6).

Let's take a look a more detailed look at the teams, their players and their performance during the regular LCK Season.

kt Rolster

Kt Rolster 2023
kt Rolster have to be the favorites since they finished first place in the regular Season

The kt Rolster line-up has to be the absolute favorite to win the LCK crown this year, since the team finished first place in the regular split. With 17 wins and just one loss, kt Rolster stomped their way through the season and surely won't stop in the playoffs. Rarely there was a more dominant team than this. 

Kt is waiting in the second round and is allowed to choose the opponent out of the two winner teams of Round. It will be interesting to see, if kt is able to keep their form and momentum throughout the playoffs or if they're going to struggle. The only match they lost throughout the season was against second place Gen.G, whom they wouldn't meet until the semi-finals.

A lot of eyes will be on kt Rolster's star bot lane, support Son "Lehends" Si-woo and ADC Kim "Aiming" Ha-ram which had a fantastic split with overall strong performances so far. Also, mid laner Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong will have to continue his string of amazing performances. 


Gen G Summer 2023
Gen.G had a strong season and are rightfully the second biggest favorite |©Riot Games

The other big favorite that is already seeded in the second round of the playoffs, is Gen.G, who reached the second place in the regular season with 16 wins and just two losses. The team around star player Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon will try to contain their strong form and march to the Grand Final, to crown their season.

Gen.G will start its playoffs run in the second round hand will have to play against the first round winner, that doesn't get picked by kt Rolster. So they will have only two days to prepare for their first opponents. 

Hanwha Life Esports

Hanwha Life 2023
Third placed Hanwha Life Esports will start its playoffs run in the first round |©Riot Games

Hanwha Life Esports will have the honor to officially start the LCK Summer Playoffs 2023 with their match against DRX in the First Round. HLE selected DRX as their opponent, so they should already have an idea on how to beat the sixth placed team of the regular season.

HLE had a strong season with 12 wins and six losses and will try to crown their season with the LCK title. The fans' hopes are resting on star ADC Park "Viper" Do-hyeon, who has been in phenomenal form since his return from EDward Gaming back in November 2022.

Dplus KIA

Dplus Kia 2023
Dplus reached the fourth place of the LCK and will start in Round 1 |©Riot Games

The Dplus KIA roster is a star filled one, so they're naturally a big contender for the LCK title. In the regular season the team was only able to reach the fourth place with a mediocre result of 11 wins and seven losses. To become the best team in Korea and participate in the Worlds 2023, the team has to increase its performances.

Now, Dplus has to face T1 in what might be the worst moment possible, since Faker returned and T1 gathered steam. It will be an interesting match-up for sure, but Dplus simply has to win this game.


T1 LCK Spring 2023
T1 has regained its form after the return of the king |©Riot Games

T1 had an interesting season to say the least. From going unbeaten in their first matches to losing seven out of eight games after star mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok injured his arm. His return was just in time to secure the 5th place in the regular season and qualify for the playoffs. In the end T1 had a mediocre season with nine wins and 9 losses.

With the regained momentum, T1 has to be one of the favorites to win the LCK title, and who doesn't want to see Faker at Worlds? To accomplish this goal, the team has to start its run with a victory in the first round against Dplus KIA.


DRX 2023
DRX had a bad season so far and will try to improve |©Riot Games

DRX can't be happy about their performances in the regular season, only finishing 6th in the LCK with a record of six wins and 12 losses. Now the team has to face Hanwha Life Esports in the first round of the playoffs to start the redemption run. But out of the six participating teams, many fans would rank them the lowest.

But with experienced veteran players like Kim "Rascal" Kwang-hee and support Cho "BeryL" Geon-hee, a team like DRX will always be able to upset.

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Where To Watch

The LCK Summer Playoffs will be streamed in many languages and on multiple platforms. Here you can watch the matches and follow the action:

All streams and languages are also available on the LoL Esports website

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