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This will replace All-Stars

LoL Kickoff Event For 2023 Season Announced

News 06-01-2023 13:05
Season Kickoff Lo L 2023
Who is ready for the 2023 Season Kickoff. | © Riot Games

Riot just announced details for the new event which is going to be used to replace the former All Star Event. All Star brought together pro players, streamers and the fans throughout the years, but with less precious off-season due to the splits starting earlier with kickoff tournaments, Riot is making some changes. 

So, say goodbye to the League of Legends All Star Event and say hello to the Season 2023 Kickoff event from Riot. Let's go over the details right now. 

Season Kickoff Event for 2023 to Replace All Star Event

This event will replace the All Star Event which fans have enjoyed in previous years. So, as you can already guess by that is that this event is going to involve the fans, as well as pro players. Riot even announced that nine regional leagues will celebrate the competitive year together. 

The broadcast for this event is going to be two days and will bring together all the major and minor regions in League of Legends. 

Kickoff Event Format Explained

The Kickoff event will encompass nine League of Legends regions. Each region will send players to compete at the event, but it's up to the regions to determine which players and how they are chosen. 

Each region, other than the LPL, will play a best-of-three format to find out who the winner is. But there is a twist to the games. There will be no bans, which means every single champion can be played. But, teams will not be able to pick a champion twice. That means once a champion has been picked they're off the board for the rest of the match. 

LCS Fans Afraid For Future of Region and League in General

The winning teams will be able to work with Riot to design a special emote to commemorate their win. 

LoL Kickoff Event Broadcast Dates

The broadcast is going to take place on January 10 and 11, 2023. Each region will play back-to-back so there will be around the clock League of Legends action to kick off 2023. 


LCKJanuary 10, 20231:30-5 AM PT // 10:30 AM - 2 PM CET
VCSJanuary 10, 20235-8 AM PT // 2-5 PM CET
CBLoLJanuary 10, 20238-11 AM PT // 5-8 PM CET
LCSJanuary 10, 202311 AM - 2PM PT // 8-11 PM CET
LJLJanuary 10, 2023 - January 11, 202311 PM - 2 AM PT // 8-11 AM CET


LPLJanuary 11, 20232-5 AM PT // 11AM - 2 PM CET
PCSJanuary 11, 20235-8 AM PT // 2-5 PM CET


January 11, 2023

8-11 AM PT // 5-8 PM CET

LLAJanuary 11, 202311 AM - 2PM PT // 8-11 PM CET
Check out the skins we are getting to kick off the 2023 season: 

This event also announced the start of the ranked season for 2023, and we will be getting to see the upcoming trailer for the season. So get ready for some shenanigans. This will also be the first time LCS viewers can experience their new time slot. 

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