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LoL: YamatoCannon Response To Being Benched From KC

News 09-02-2024 11:59

Just after KarmineCorp has benched their Headcoach YamatoCannon, we have gotten a response from him. Classy, as always.

He was benched after only 9 games. | © Riot Games

After a terrible 2-7 performance in their first split in the LEC, KarmineCorp has decided to bench their Head Coach YamatoCannon. While nobody really agrees with the decision, it was time to hear from the man himself what he thinks about the situation. YamatoCannon has uploaded a video to his social media channels with his experience and a look into his future.

LoL: YamatoCannon's Thoughts On KC Situation

Yamato and Cabochard. | © Riot Games

As previously announced, Yamato uploaded a video about his situation with KarmineCorp. It is a very reasonable and calm video, as everybody has expected from a man with such class in esports. 

He talks about really enjoying his limited time in KC and how the fans made him and the LEC feel very special. The very energetic fan base re-ignited passion in him and other fans and made it feel like other sports.

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Yamato apparently was not informed beforehand and didn't know about the situation until the very end. He also didn't suspect anything since it was only 9 games so far. Tied into this, he thinks that KC is making a terrible mistake with the decision. 

He insists that he should have been given a bit more time to build the roster and bond with the player in- and outside the game.

Despite that, he has no interest in any other team as he believes in the roster that KC has built and will keep supporting them and is willing to return to the team if they decide to put him back into the position. 

Cant wait to see him back in IWD's The Sack. | © Riot Games

Yamato has also addressed a lot of fan criticism with this video. Many fans shifted blame to the players and were hoping that players like Targamas get swapped out, but Yamato has explicitly stated that he didn't want to change any players.

In general, this was a very good diplomatic interview. It gave great insight into his experiences while demonstrating a level of loyalty and grace that the KC management didn't want to give him. He was very smart with the statement as he will eventually return and doesn't want to close any doors. 

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