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LoL: New Porcelain 2024 Skins - Everything You Need To Know

News 07-02-2024 12:07

Nobody expected more porcelain skins after their initial release in 2022, but Riot has given us some more now! And they look gorgeous. Let's check out all the skins hitting the rift soon!

Porcelain Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol gets his first legendary skin! | © Riot Games

Porcelain is a skin line from 2022, but it gets some new additions this year. It is heavily influenced by eastern culture, so right in time with Heavenscale and the Lunar Revel Event

Which champions are going to get skins, and how much will they cost? That's what we're going to look at, because these skins don't come around every day.

LoL Porcelain 2024 Skins: All Confirmed Champions & Cost

Porcelain Darius
This skin doesnt really fit. | © Riot Games

All the champions that are getting Porcelain skins have been previously revealed by Riot Games themselves, but here we have the full list with all the costs again.

Skin NameChampionCost
Porcelain PrestigeKindred125 ME
PorcelainAurelion Sol1820 RP
PorcelainDarius1350 RP
PorcelainGraves1350 RP
PorcelainIrelia1350 RP
PorcelainMiss Fortune1350 RP
PorcelainMorgana1350 RP
Porcelain Irelia
Wow. | © Riot Games

We are finally getting a Prestige Version for the Kindred Skin that people didn't like. The normal Porcelain Kindred Model was way too human like, and they did fix that with the Prestige version. It looks a lot more like a Lamb now, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Release Date For Upcoming Porcelain Skins In LoL

Porcelain Kindred
It looks more like an animal now. Wolf is so cool too! | © Riot Games

All these skins will release on February 22, with Patch 14.4. They are part of the Lunar Revel/Heavenscale Event so make sure you get all the chromas you want from the token shop.

Do you like the new skins? Personally, I think some of them are absolutely gorgeous.

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