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LoL: New Unkillable Volibear - Even The Nerfs Wont Stop Him

News 18-03-2024 15:30

Volibear recently got buffed for top lane and jungle! Now, he's pretty much unkilla-bear. I'll see myself out.

Captain Volibear
The new Volibear is pretty strong. | © Riot Games

Volibear got a few pretty big buffs in Patch 14.4. They buffed his Q move speed to make it easier to catch targets and gank. They also buffed his E cooldown to give him better trading windows in lane.

But one of the biggest buffs was that they largely decreased the ultimate cooldown in a trade-off with it working shorter. While this cooldown will already get nerfed in Patch 14.6, Volibear will most likely stay really strong.

Volibear Is Really Strong

Volibear is back in the meta for two very simple reasons. First, the buffs. The Q buffs now actually make him a strong enough ganker to be considered. While this might already be enough for jungle Volibear to thrive, he is also strong in the top lane for another reason. 

The new build. Volibear top lane has a very special build that works wonderfully for him. This build focuses on healing and survivability. 

Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige HD
I love this skin! | © Riot Games

In Season 14, Riot released the item “Unending Despair” which deals damage to enemies nearby every few seconds and heals you for a portion of it. This might not seem like a lot but the “Ingenious Hunter” Rune that decreases item effect cooldowns makes this is incredibly strong. 

Volibear can already out sustain most fighters due to his very strong W and E combination but with these changes he can even heal without any abilities. The low cooldown leads to players building “Winter's Approach” next. This item can give a huge shield and with the item effect cooldown decrease can be a serious lifesaver. 

At this point Volibear is already really tanky, but items like “Spirit Visage” and “Iceborn Gauntlet” just make him a nightmare. More healing and less escape possibilities.

With this build you are certain to get a good KDA because nothing can actually kill you. Feel free to build a “Frozen Heart” to make ADC Players cry and enjoy the free LP!

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