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LoL Players Actually Love A Newly Introduced Feature In Season 14

News 30-01-2024 17:45

Season 14 changed up the whole game. New items, a new map and new champions. But there's one small feature that the community finds especially awesome.

Fist Bump2
The Fistbump is here. | © Riot Games

Riot has changed the game up a lot with the start of season 14, but players find one feature especially important. The Fist bump. This brand new emote is the perfect way to communicate teamwork and just have a great time in the game.

LoL: The Best New Emote

I absolutely love this emote.

Forget pings. Forget the chat. The fist bump is here, and it's the best way to communicate with your team. You failed a 2-man dive? Whatever, fist bump. You killed Drake as 5? Well, time for a fist bump. You guys are standing next to each other with nothing to do? I think it's time to hit that U- Button.

Reddit's user u/TotallyNotEvading69 has made a great post about it, in which they summarized the emote as cool and anti-tilting. 

Many agree with him in the comments and even Rioters are spamming U IRL according to BarackProbama.

Emotes were always good for conveying emotions throughout the game, but the fist bump has a whole new teamwork vibe to it. I personally love it, and I'm always spamming it when I'm next to my jungler. One day he will reciprocate, I'm sure.

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