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Worlds 2023: Team Whales Proves Why Bo1's Suck

Esports 12-10-2023 17:33

LoL Worlds 2023 is underway and the action is heating up. We might just be in the Play-In stage, but it's exciting as ever, with Team Whales winning two best of three's after losing their first match. 

Team Whales Worlds 2023 Play In
Worlds 2023: The LoL action is underway and it's been quite exciting so far. | © Riot Games

Worlds 2023 has been as exciting as ever, with only 3 days gone as of writing this, the action has been insane. This year, Riot decided on a new format which would eliminate as many best of ones as possible. Unfortunately, we will have to see the dreaded Bo1 once more in the Swiss Stage, but far fewer and less than in previous years. 

Team Whales, the second seed of the VCS has proven just why Bo1's should leave and teams should always compete in a Bo3 format at a tournament as big as the League of Legends World Championship

Worlds 2023: Team Whales Completes Two Exciting Comebacks

The Play-In Stage is often one of the most fun parts of Worlds 2023. Fans get to see LoL teams from regions they usually wouldn't watch bring out pocket picks you'd never dream to see on the Worlds stage. Team Whales is also a brand-new team from Vietnam that no one thought would be so aggressive and fun to watch. 

Their first match on October 11, 2023 against Team BDS was a banger, with it going through all three games. While their first game was a complete stomp, with BDS looking like literal gods – as the LoL Worlds anthem by NewJeans predicted – they couldn't hold the momentum and Team Whales took off with the win. 

Team whales worlds 2023
Team Whales was pretty hype after their win against Team BDS. | © Riot Games

In similar fashion, Team Whales went into their match on October 12, 2023 against the PCS second seed CTBC Flying Oyster as the underdogs. The first game also went in favor of the PCS representative, before Team Whales came back with a vengeance in game 2 and 3.

This shows just how much better a best-of-three setup is compared to a simple best-of-one. It feels like there is more at stake and teams actually get to show off their skills. A single bad game will not determine a team's entire run at this World Championship. 

Team Whales are now the first place of Bracket B and will be playing either against the CBLoL's LOUD or the LLA's Movistar R7 or their VCS brethren GAM Esports. The game should take place on October 15, 2023. 

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