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Why Perkz Got Benched By Team Heretics – Drama Explained

News 11-03-2024 14:03

Team Heretics has not been performing well in the LEC at all. After swapping out Kaiser for Trymbi, they have now also decided to bench the star mid laner Perkz.

Jankos Heretics 2023
The super team failed. | © Riot Games

Team Heretics was supposed to be the super team with all the old talent that we used to have on G2. Wunder, Jankos and Perkz were supposed to have a crazy synergy and with Kaiser you also had a veteran in the bot lane.

It failed. The team looked weak, and the communication seemed to be missing. It was painful to see how such legends could suddenly seem to do nothing right.

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Perkz VIT
Perkz had a few bad splits. | © Riot Games

Team Heretics ended the split with a disappointing 3-7 score. So the organization has stepped in and changed something up. Kaiser has already been benched in favor of Trymbi which might be a small upgrade but a side grade at most. Both players are incredibly talented, but you can read more about that in our article on the topic. 

Recently they have announced on Twitter/X that they will be benching Perkz as well. Instead, they are promoting their ERL Midlaner Zwyroo to play on the LEC stage. 

The coaching staff of Team Heretics claimed that even with the new support the team didnt get better and actually started playing worse. To combat the communication problems they have decided to promote Zwyroo.

He is supposed to bring the motivation and passion to the team that Heretics so desperately needs. 

There was a rumor that Perkz got benched because he had an argument with the coaching staff of Team Heretics, but they confirmed in the video that there was not an issue, and they have always been supportive of Perkz in the past.

They are looking forward to the new season and hope they can turn it around.

What do you think? Can Team Heretics reach the top?

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