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LoL: Riot Reveal Smolder, The New LoL ADC

News 05-01-2024 11:55

Riot has given us a sneak peek at the new champion, Smolder. He is a cute little dragon and is growing up to be gigantonormous and strong. 

Drake Lo L
Could Smolder and our Elemental Drakes be related? | © Riot Games

“I've only had Smolder for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.” — Me (and everyone else, hopefully)

It's finally time for Riot to follow up on their roadmap. While we knew about a getting a small creature dragon champion, who could've expected that he would be so incredibly cute. 

LoL: Riot Reveal Teaser For Upcoming Champion, Smolder

The Teaser has been uploaded to X/Twitter by Riot themselves. It contains a bit of lore around our new favourite little critter but also shows us what he is going to look like. 

It starts with Smolder narrating the epic history of dragons as “Runeterra's mightiest creatures”. Dragon fire can beat anything, as long as it burns. But who really needs that anyway when Dragons grow up to be “gigantonormous and strong”.

Smolder on the other hand still has a lot of growing to do, as we can see shortly after. As Riot has teased before, there will always be a watchful eye over Smolder to give him ample room to grow. Those watchful eyes definitely belong to Smolder's Mom, who we sadly don't get to see in the frame.

King Viego Skin Splash
The last King of Camavor. | © Riot Games

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about his abilities yet, but we can expect the reveal of those in the near future.

What is very interesting is that Smolder mentioned the Kings and Queens of “Camaroar” which we can assume is Camavor.

Quick Lore Trivia. Who was Camavor's last king? Exactly, it is our beloved Viego.

I'm already excited what little interactions those two are going to have.

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