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LoL: Riot Fixes Huge Skarner Skin Problem Before Release

News 28-03-2024 12:52

With the new Skarner VGU also comes a rework to his skins. Fans were noticing issues with the Guardians of the Sands skin for Skarner, but Riot has now fixed it.

Skarner Base Splash Art
LoL: Skarner got a VGU! | © Riot Games

When Riot gives champions a VGU they usually get a complete overhaul of their entire skin catalog. This is also the case with Skarner.

But not all the skins came out of the process unharmed... 

LoL: Fans Were Worried About Guardians Of The Sand Skarner

Guardian of the Sands Skarner Splash Art
Im glad Riot can fix things like these. | © Riot Games

When the reworked skins came out, fans of the scorpion quickly realized that something was missing. The Guardians of the Sand skin was missing its original Recall animation. While it isn't unusual for Riot to change such animations, fans thought it was a significant downgrade. It looked a lot more like the animation associated with the Standard Skarner skin. 

Riot Developers have taken note, though, and Riot Lexical, one of the developers working on the Skarner VGU, has confirmed that they will be shipping a more unique recall soon.

The new Skarner will hit the live server with all his skins in Patch 14.7. Guardians of the Sands fans will have to be patient though, as the new recall will not be in the game until Patch 14.8.

Are you excited to play the new Skarner when he releases? He looks very strong on the PBE. 

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