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LoL World Champion ShowMaker Has Fallen out of Love With League of Legends

Dplus KIA ShowMaker
LoL Superstar ShowMaker has expressed how he just doens't love Legaue anymore. | © Riot Games

In a recent interview with Ashley Kang on Korizon Esports, Dplus KIA's mid laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su has expressed his true feelings for League of Legends. He explained that he doesn't love the game anymore, rather seeing it just as a job now. 

This comes as no surprised as recently, the mid laner has shown his dissatisfaction with the game, whether it's through the meta or just new champions added to the game which feel overpowered. 


ShowMaker Sees League of Legends As A Job

While ShowMaker became a professional player back in 2017 on DAMWON Gaming filled with passion for the game, that feeling has since fizzled out and been replaced with a need to play the game merely since it's a job. ShowMaker explained this feeling in a recent interview

Honestly? When I first debuted, it was 100 percent love and zero percent work. I did it because I loved League so much. But right now I would say League is 100 percent purely work. 

ShowMaker really hasn't been feeling League lately, eh?

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He went on to state that becoming a professional League of Legends player has caused him quite a lot of health problems. He stated that the "nature of this profession is that it slowly erodes away your mental health, so it's mentally tough too." 

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So, not only does it strain one's body, but there is also a lot of mental fatigue that comes with the profession. Players usually spend hours playing solo queue and when they aren't doing that they have scrim blocks to train with their team. This schedule is exhausting and can be quite harmful if not supervised properly.

But, even though ShowMaker has lost part of his love for the game, it seems that he is still playing at the highest level and continues to practice in solo queue, even bringing out a unique mid lane pick not too long ago to show off just how good he still is, despite losing his passion for League of Legends. 

Dplus KIA, formerly known as DAMWON KIA, will be taking on KT Rolster on Wednesday, February 22. If KT win they will be sole owners of second place while, a win for DPlus KIA would mean they tie with KT for a spot amongst the top LCK teams this Spring Split. 

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