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So it's not just TheShy finding new picks...

LoL: New Must-Play Mid Lane Champ To Break The Meta Discovered By ShowMaker

Esports 14-02-2023 22:30
Show Maker
You need to try out this new pick that ShowMaker discovered on stream. | © Riot Games

Sometimes you're sick and tired of the normal meta, right? You just want to play something different and unique? Well, it seems that the most recent Jax counter in the top lane also works wonders in the mid lane, especially after some buffs. 

In LoL Patch 13.4 this champion will be receiving another buff, which will make him a popular pick in what seems like multiple roles. ShowMaker has shown off his skill just recently on stream, showing that even off-meta champions can be great. 

This LoL Champion Is Great In Multiple Off-Meta Positions

It hasn't been long since TheShy pulled out his Alistar top to counter the influx of Jax players. Now, it seems like Alistar has made his way into the mid lane, with Heo "ShowMaker" Su showing off his skill on the support champion. 

During a recent stream he picked Alistar into Syndra in the mid lane and while it looked like it would be doomed on paper, he actually fared pretty well into the mage. Alistar is not a bad pick for solo lanes even if you have to be good at last hitting to get the most out of him. 

ShowMaker is so done with mages he's now playing melee supports in the mid lane: 

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His early damage is actually very good, so if you're up against a squishy opponent you will be able to take them on and chunk them down considerably with his abilities. 

ShowMaker showed off the champions abilities on stream, able to protect his team from invades, as well as dealing damage and initiating plays. Sure, he eventually bought support items, but it seems that with the changes from LoL Patch 13.3 and the upcoming ones in 13.4, solo lane Alistar could be making a comeback in Season 13. 

So, while it isn't exactly meta yet, it seems that Alistar mid could be making a comeback this year. Will you be trying it out like ShowMaker did, or will you keep playing your mages and assassins in the mid lane? 

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