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How many tier 2 turrets?

LoL Worlds 2022: Is the LCS Showing Worse than In Previous Years?

NA Worlds 2022
How bad has NA been thus far? | © Riot Games

When I first saw these stats I couldn't believe my eyes and had to go back and check every single Worlds match that the LCS squads have played in the first half of the 2022 LoL worlds group stage. Then I cam face-to-face with the harsh truth. 

Reddit user MrPraedor wrote a post on reddit explaining that none of the LCS teams have so much as gotten close to the enemy base this year. Does this mean that the LCS is worse this year than any other at the League of Legends World Championship? 


"NA is Free" Might Not Just Be A Meme

In the aforementioned Reddit post MrPraedor noticed that none of the LCS teams have managed to even get a tier 2 tower off one of their opponents in the first round of the League of Legends World Championship. Yes, you read that right, not one tier 2 tower. 

This show has fans desperate, most joking about this failure in the first half of the group stage. Many believe that just getting a tier 2 tower in the second round of the group stage could be a win for the LCS representatives, the region having become a laughingstock at best for fans and rivals alike. 

Fans are especially frustrated with the way the NA hopefuls are playing, stating that the teams shouldn't try to hard-force specific picks like Jax or Fiora, when they could just play what they know and are comfortable with and at least take a win here and there. No one expects NA to win Worlds, those hopes have long since diminished. 

Some fans are even hoping that all three LCS squads go 0-18 combined which should send a message to the players and orgs, as well as the region as a whole to try and improve in the future instead of just chasing the meta to try and play what is in right then. Fans want the LCS and NA to make their own meta and play around it, similar to what EU teams are doing these worlds. 

Fans have also expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that these conversations seems to come around every single year with no change being done in North America and that the orgs will likely continue to operate as they have and show no results in summer. 

What can the LCS and NA do to improve in the future? Can they even improve and change the culture around professional league? 

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