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Low Priority Queue In League of Legends Explained

News 24-11-2023 17:30

Let me guess: You are in Low Priority Queue and want to know, how much worse it can get? Then this article is right for you!

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We all know how annoying it can be when players continually exit matches prematurely or start to troll, ruining the enjoyment for everyone. To tackle this issue, Riot Games has introduced the LeaverBuster system, an automated tool crafted to discourage such disruptive conduct and apply penalties to those who often abandon their teammates. 

In this article, we'll explore how LeaverBuster works, understand the consequences of its penalties, and figure out how to avoid getting into trouble with it.

Low Priority Queue: LeaverBuster - Punishments

LeaverBuster stands as League of Legends' sentinel, ensuring that players honor their commitment to the games they participate in. It's an automated system that meticulously monitors a player's track record of exiting matches prematurely or going idle during gameplay. Let's delve into the inner workings of this system:

Tier Queue Delay Queue Lockout
Tier 0 1 minute for 1 game
Tier 1 5 minutes for 5 games
Tier 2 10 minutes for 5 games
Tier 3 15 minutes for 5 games
Tier 4 15 minutes for 5 games 24-hour lockout
Tier 5 15 minutes for 5 games 3-day lockout
Tier 6 15 minutes for 5 games 7-day lockout
Tier 7 15 minutes for 5 games 2-week lockout

While you're placed in the low-priority queue, you'll need to endure an additional 5-minute wait before you can enter a new match. The number of games in this queue escalates with repeated violations. It's essential to bear in mind that this penalty encompasses all queue types except Clash and TFT.

LeaverBuster: Resetting the Countdown

Resetting the timer for the low-priority queue can be achieved through various means:

  • If you dodge a match during champion selection while in the low-priority queue, the timer will reset.
  • If another player dodges while you're in the low-priority queue, the timer remains unaffected, and you'll resume your position in the queue.
  • Canceling, declining, or failing to accept a match will also trigger a timer reset.

LeaverBuster: Exiting an Ongoing Match

LeaverBuster doesn't only focus on players who abandon games before they kick off; it also casts its vigilant eye on those who go idle during matches in progress. Let's delve into the specifics:

  • LeaverBuster sends out warnings to players who remain inactive for 3 minutes and takes action by automatically removing players who remain idle for 5 minutes.
  • If a match fails to reach its conclusion — be it due to server issues or everyone leaving — no penalties are meted out. 

Singed no skin
Don't be toxic and leave your teammates alone|©Riot Games

LeaverBuster: Penalties for Exiting Ongoing Matches

The consequences of leaving an ongoing match differ depending on the game type:

  1. In all matches, no XP is awarded for the abandoned game.
  2. In normal matches, a leave is recorded in your gaming history, leading to a penalty that cuts LP gains short in your next few ranked games.
  3. In ranked matches, a loss is noted in your gaming history, marking you with a penalty that diminishes LP gains in subsequent ranked games.

The gravity of the penalty depends on various factors, including your in-game performance and the duration of your inactivity. Importantly, if you would have exceeded 100 LP but fall short after the penalty is applied, you won't achieve promotion.

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