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The first games have played out!

The LPL Kicked Off With a Bang

LPL Start
The LPL has kicked off! | © Riot Games

The LPL has kicked off with the first two matches of the regular spring split with two exciting matches, setting the tone for the upcoming season. 

The first two games of the season have kicked off the LPL for 2022! This is what happened! 

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ThunderTalk Gaming vs. Oh My God

The first match of the LPL season was none other than TT vs OMG. These two teams are predicted to place 17th and 16th at the end of the Spring Split, which means this was a projected fight for last place already. 

While ThunderTalk Gaming tried to fight, it was clear that Oh My God was the superior team. The second game was a complete slaughter that left nothing in its wake. The series ended in a clean 2 - 0 victory. 

When Will OMG and TT Play Next? 

Oh My God will play their next match against Anyone's Legend on January 14, 2022. This will likely be a tougher opponent for the team, and we will see whether Oh My God can continue their dominance against tougher opponents. 

ThunderTalk gaming will play on January 13, 2022 against a new Invictus Gaming. iG has revamped their roster ahead of the 2022 season and will be without Rookie nor TheShy for the first time in a long time. How will TT fare against them? 

FunPlus Phoenix vs. RNG 

This was the big game everyone was waiting for. RNG won the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and have kept their roster almost the same, while FunPlus Phoenix replaced almost the entire tame, safe for their ADC LWX. 

This was an exciting series, with the winning team always making a comeback from an early game deficit. RNG had a great start in game 1, only to falter and lose. The same happened to FPX in the second match. 

Finally, FPX took the W in the third match of the day, winning a nail-biter of a game to take home their first win of the season. 

When Will FPX and RNG Play Again?

FPX will face off against LGD Gaming on January 14, 2022. This is another exciting match, but most analysts and fans will give FPX the upper hand in this match up. Their star jungler Beichuan has shown great skill in against RNG and will likely get better as the season goes on. 

RNG will have to look for their first win of the season when they play against JDG on January 14, 2022. Both teams look good going into the 2022 spring split, but RNG has more experience and synergy, which gives them the edge over their opponent. 

Uzi is back in the LPL! | © Riot Games

When Will Uzi Play His First LPL Game?

After health reasons in 2020, Uzi retired from pro play. After sitting out a year and a half the bot laner has decided to return to the pro scene and joined BiliBili Gaming

His first match will be on January 16, 2022, against Weibo gaming who have stocked up with a new top laner in TheShy. Who will win in this epic battle? We will have to wait to find out. Let us know on Facebook who you favor!