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LPL Spring 2023: Is TheShy Inting or Just Doing TheShy Things?

News 14-02-2023 21:10
The Shy lpl 2023
Honestly, is he trolling or is that his record? | © Riot Games

TheShy is known for some of his odd plays on the rift. He's also one of the players with the most deaths due to his high risk - high reward playstyle. 

We all know that Hylissang, current support of the MAD Lions in the LEC, is one of the players with the highest death's at the World Championship, well many believe that honor would belong to TheShy, had he made Worlds more often. 

So, with his current record in the LPL, especially the last 5 games he's played, some fans aren't even shocked when they see his record. 


TheShy Goes 2/25 In Last Five Games

Weibo Gaming's top laner Kang TheShy "Seung-Lok" hasn't had the best of times in the last few games he's played. Weibo Gaming recently took on ThunderTalk Gaming and TheShy managed to go 0/3/2 and 1/6/2 in the two games. 

In the first game TheShy played his Gnar into Sylas, while the second he picked Gnar again, but this time into HOYA's K'Sante. Neither game seemed to work. But even before the loss to ThunderTalk gaming on February 14, 2023, TheShy seemed to have some mad games. 

Check out the buffs and nerfs of the next patch:

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On February 11, 2023 Weibo Gamig took on JDG, winning the overall match 2-1, but TheShy didn't have much luck in the top lane against 369, going 0/5/5, 0/6/2 and 1/5/8. Now this is nothing new, TheShy is known to play aggressive and take risks, being one of the players with the most deaths in the LPL. 

Weibo Gaming also has enough talent on their team, with jungler Karsa, and mid laner Xiaohu to help out when their top lane star isn't performing. During the 2022 Spring Split TheShy managed 124 deaths and he is well on his way in 2023 to top that number. 

Whether he will continue to play so aggressively, or it's just the current meta will have to be seen. Riot is constantly changing things around with new patches and with champions like Jax and K'Sante getting nerfed, we could see some other champions make their way into the meta... or we will just get to see TheShy play Alistar on stage and carry. Anything is possible at this point, right? 

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