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Who Has the Most Deaths in the History of Worlds?

Who Has the  Most Deaths Worlds
Who do you think has died the most in Worlds? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship always brings fun stats to the table. But something that is often overlooked is the player's death count. So who has actually died the most in the history of Worlds? 

We currently find ourselves in the League of Legends World Championship, and it looks like we are up for some banger games to decide who will take the trophy home this year. 

With Europe's last hope being eliminated this Thursday, we can once again expect either Korea or China to be the LoL World Champions for 2022. 

Every year, we get to look at various stats regarding Worlds—for example, champion win rate, picks & bans, a player's KDA, etc. 

But let's look away from that for a second and rather ask the critical question we are all wondering - Who has died the most in League of Legends Worlds' history? 

Hylissang Has the Most Deaths in League of Legends Worlds History

Did you guess right? | © Riot Games

You might have guessed it already, or you took a look at the picture above, but the player with the most deaths in the League of Legends Worlds' history is none other than Hylissang

Hyllissang has played support for Fnatic since 2018 and has made quite a name for himself. He has played on Fnatic, the longest of all his teammates, and made it to the Worlds finals in the first year of joining the team.

According to /u/lw94 on LoL Fandom, Hylissang reigns on the standing with the most deaths after Group Stage. The Fnatic support has died a total of 217 deaths in 53 games. Closely following Hylissang, we find Vitality Perkz in second place with 214 deaths in 86 games.

The third place is taken by none other than the T1 mid laner Faker, with 213 deaths in 103 games. 

Even though Faker and Perkz are pretty close to Hylissang's death count, Hylissang's number of deaths is even more prominent, considering he has played almost half the number of games compared to Faker, and he has 33 games less than Perkz

Is Hylissang a Bad Player? 

Hylissang has been known throughout the year for his very aggressive playstyle. Previous picks like Pyke, Rakan, and Thresh have allowed him to create some memorable plays throughout the years.

For this year's Worlds, Hyli might have fallen a bit short, and even though the Bulgarian support is currently the player with the most deaths in Worlds, it doesn't necessarily make him a bad player

Hylissang's particular playstyle creates a lot of pressure against the enemy team and is very selfless.

Hyli is always ready to make some risky plays, and his primary focus is always to give his teammates as much of the resources he can. 

Faker Likely to Take the Throne Soon

Did you expect to see Faker so high on the list? | © Riot Games

Hylissanf probably won't be able to enjoy his moment of fame for quite that long, as he is out of Worlds 2022 after a disappointing week in Group Stage.

From the top three players, only T1 Faker is left, and with only four deaths behind the Fnatic support, we can expect Faker to rise up to the top of the standings quite soon (maybe even today when T1 will face RNG in the Knockout Stage).

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