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Is NA>EU becoming reality?

LS Claims the LCS Is Better than Ever

Esports 14-02-2023 19:30
Whatever LS says goes, right? | © Riot Games

The LCS had been under fire more than once lately. Yet, League of Legends streamer LS believes some of the criticism the region has been getting recently is unjustified.

For several years, the LCS has seen a decline in its viewership. Many American LoL fans have turned away from the North American broadcast and are instead choosing to watch other regions like LEC or the LCK

The new season did not start well for the North American region either. Before the new split had even begun, it was announced the LCS would be moving their broadcasting time to weekdays, changing from their usual primetime schedule on the weekends.

With the new season, several LoL fans have gone to Reddit to complain about the current state of the LCS. Still, LS believes much of the criticism towards the North American broadcast is unjustified. In Travis Gafford's podcast from February 13, LS wanted to talk about LCS and the fact that "the hate towards the LCS has blown out of proportion."

LS has spent a lot of time on Twitch co-streaming the North American broadcast lately. After watching several games, he believes the LCS is better than ever, and he is impressed by Riot Games' recent initiative to blossom the North American LoL scene. He is particularly fond of the new LCS stage and the segments

According to LS, the new LCS segments are much better than they used to and are even a "relief to watch." Now they have whole segments about specific players, creating a more interesting environment and allowing the fans to get to know the players better. LS was also a big fan of the recent LCS baking segment with QTCinterella and FlyQuest Jungler, Spica.

I like the segments that actually intergrate the actual players in between these breaks. That they have never done before.

LS feels like his opinion on this matter has some additional value considering he is generally known as one of the negative LCS personas in the LoL scene, together with IWDominate and Doublelift. LS is usually not scared to criticize the LCS when they do something wrong, but he feels like Reddit has gone too far this time. 

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Even though LS believes the LCS has come a long way and is better than ever, he still prefers the European broadcast (for now), and the LCS is currently in LS's third place of favorite LoL broadcasts to watch.

The latest flop from the LCS broadcast is the TSM vs. 100 Thieves segment by LeTigress. In this segment, the LCS broadcasting team thought it would be a good idea to hype up the game by bringing up Doublelift's very serious allegations against TSM regarding workplace bullying.

LS wanted to point out that even though he was defending the LCS generally, he believes the 100 Thieves vs. TSM segment was very inappropriate and worthy of criticizing. 

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