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No more MediVedi for this season...

Medic Will Not Cast at Worlds 2022

Medic LEC
Medic is often seen casting alongside Vedius | © Riot Games

With the LEC 2022 ending for the season, Medic announced that the LEC Semifinals was his final cast of the year, despite being invited to cast for Worlds 2022. 

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a burden for many of us. During Covid, also the League of Legends casters  and players were faced with new challenges like online casting and suddenly playing without a crowd. One of the main casters of the LEC, Aaron "Medic" Chamberlain, is now taking a step back to regain some happiness and strength after the draining season. Medic had this to say in his recent tweet announcing his break from the League of Legends broadcast and him not attending Worlds 2022:

Although I was invited to Worlds, today was my last cast of the year. It is with a heavy heart that I decide to bow out, but mentally and emotionally I'm pretty done. The challenges of Covid, of online casts, of just the world have worn me out and I need a break.

Even though Aaron is exhausted from the recent challenges, he is thankful for the opportunity he had had to cast for all the LEC fans. He also showed his gratitude towards Riot for supporting him on the decision to take a break to recover.  

Medic isn't the only caster who has taken a break to focus on their mental state. On January 7, 2022, Trevor "Quickshot" Henry announced he was back as a caster for the LEC broadcast after a long break. In his announcement, he explained that he had recently been struggling with burnout and had spent his time away from the broadcast to recover.

Also, the North American caster Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines chose not to attend Worlds in 2021 due to his mental and physical health being a long way from where he would have liked it to be at that time.

Focusing on your mental health is never a bad thing, and having these big names from the Esport scene, such as Medic, Captain Flowers, and Quickshot, being open about the topic helps other people who find themselves in the same situation.

We look forward to seeing Medic back on the broadcast after a well-deserved break. 

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