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Mythic Items Removed: Which Mythic Items Will Stay As Legendaries In Preseason 2024?

News 15-09-2023 17:30

A while ago, Riot confirmed that the mythic item class will be removed from League of Legends in Preseason 2024. This leaves the question of which mythic items will be turned into legendary items and which mythic items are going to be removed from the game entirely. We are here to bring some light into the dark!

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Preseason 2024: Mythic Items will be removed from League of Legends. Which of them will stay as legendary items, and which of them will be removed entirely? | © Riot Games

Earlier this summer, Riot announced that mythic items will be removed from League of Legends. Howeve,r this does not mean that all current mythics will be deleted entirely: some of them will be changed to remain in the game as legendary items, while some others will cease to exist.

Starting in 2024, Riot want to simplify items to make it easer to get into League of Legends. Their goal is to make champions shine with their own kits rather than having the items take their spotlight away. Due to this, mythic items that are warping gameplay too much will be removed while simpler items will remain as legendary items.

In this article, we will explain which items we think will stick around or be removed – and once an item is confirmed to be removed or maintained, it will be updated with all available information accordingly!

It is also unclear how Riot will go forward with Ornn's Masterwork Upgrades, as these are reliant on the mythic item system. We will let you know about the changes to him once Riot reveals them!

Preseason 2024: Which Items Will Be Maintained, Which Items Will Be Removed?

La Ilusión Qiyana
Preseason 2024: Will Duskblade stay or will it go? | © Riot Games

Assassin Mythics

Are you looking for AP Assassin mythics? Check out the Mage section!

Duskblade of Draktharr

We can not quite remember if there was ever a time where people did not complain about Duskblade. However, it is also a long-standing member of the item roster, so we believe it will remain in League of Legends in 2024. However, it might undergo some significant changes so it does not mess with the identity of its core users.

Chance of removal: 10%


Frequent shields have been a major frustration point in League of Legends even before the item rework happened. This has also been a significant part that has been nerfed often for Eclipse, and it certainly does not help that bruisers were abusing the item too. Eclipse is in an appropriate state right now, but it may be considered unhealthy when all mythic items are reeled in a bit.

Chance of removal: 25%

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Ghostblade has been around forever. While it might lose the bonus lethality from its Passive Haunt, it has otherwise proven itself as a healthy and useful addition to League of Legends. We would definitely be surprised if it was removed.

Chance of removal: <1%

Sett Firecracker Skin
Preseason 2024: How hard will Sett punch with the revamped items? | © Riot Games

Fighter Mythics

Different name, same game: Riftmaker is listed in the Mage section. Sorry, Mordekaiser mains.

Divine Sunderer

This item has caused a massive headache for tank players when it was strong and was mostly ignored by bruiser players when it was weak. It is difficult to balance and both the Spellblade niche and the sustain niche are filled anyway, so it may as well be retired for good when Riot is cutting down on the sheer number of items.

Chance of removal: 75%


As a legendary item, Goredrinker would be way too strong. However, it is still an important item for sustained fighters, especially those who rely on their spells a lot. We think it will be tuned down and retained as a legendary item, but the chance that Riot have different plans is not entirely locked out yet.

Chance of removal: 10%


Stridebreaker is in a pretty healthy spot compared to when it still offered a dash. However, without its active slow, it does not have much of an identity left, and it seems unlikely that Riot will be okay with the current iteration as a legendary item. The future of Stridebreaker is down to Riot's mercy and whether or not they believe that it offers too much as a legendary item.

Chance of removal: 90%

Trinity Force

Removing the premier fighter item? Probably not going to happen.

Chance of removal: <1%

Prestige Star Guardian Syndra
Preseason 2024: It seems like Syndra will not have to adapt to many changes. | © Riot Games

Mage Mythics

Crown of the Shattered Queen

Having some safety at your disposal without having to ruin your early builds with Seeker's Armguard or Verdant Barrier is definitely amazing for mages, but it might be a little too good. We already know Zhonya's Hourglass is going to stay, so Riot may want to cut down on the second option of all-in protection.

Chance of removal: 50%


Originally, Everfrost was supposed to be the successor to Hextech GLP-800 and Twin Shadows. It did its job – and it did it so well that it became a bit of an annoyance. Extra crowd control is something many mage players appreciate, but it acts as an additional spell and therefore warps gameplay significantly. However, the removal of Everfrost might make a return of its predecessors possible. 

Chance of removal: 75%

Hextech Rocketbelt

As an item that adds a dash to the game, you would not be entirely wrong to think it has no future in League of Legends. While we do agree on the mindset, we have to add that Rocketbelt has been part of the game for a long time and has rarely been a balancing outlier. It is difficult to change its identity, but it has a higher chance to be retained than other items of its caliber.

Chance of removal: 40%

Liandry's Anguish

LS' favorite item has seen a change from situational tank buster to DPS-heavy core item with the item rework, and it has been pretty good at its job. It fits the game quite well and will still be a valuable first item choice for any mage trying to still their thirst for some precious mana, but it may be tuned down slightly.

Chance of removal: <1%

Luden's Tempest

Similar to Liandry's Anguish, Luden's Tempest has done its job as a poke item pretty well. It may also be tuned down once it is reclassified to a legendary item, but at its core, it is an important first item for any mage looking to leave a mark with every single spell.

Chance of removal: <1%

Night Harvester

Jungle AP Assassins really enjoyed Night Harvester, as did champions that are less mana-hungry than LeBlanc. Unlike Rocketbelt, it does also not feature a possibly gameplay-warping mechanic. However, the big damage spike it enables may be too much for Riot to handle. If it stays, it is going to be tuned down properly or slightly altered in its functionality.

Chance of removal: 25%


Riot targets at least five users per item. Riftmaker is short of that, and only Gwen and Mordekaiser are actually happy about its existence. We believe it is nice to have to enable AP fighters released in the future, but Riot may want to come up with a different solution to their needs.

Chance of removal: 50%

Rod of Ages

The return of Rod of Ages has been an astounding success! It perfectly fits the niche as a hyperscaling spell-spammer item, and it should definitely stick around. Some quality of life changes may help it to be picked up by more champions too.

Chance of removal: <1%

Spirit Blossom Aphelios
Preseason 2024: Aphelios will lose his most important tool. | © Riot Games

Marksman Mythics

Hello, Ezreal mains! If you are looking for Trinity Force, make sure to check out the Fighter section!


If there is any item that is synonymous with warping gameplay, it has to be Galeforce. Marksmen are usually immobile, and lending them a dash was a risky decision that caused many individual balance changes. The main culprits that completely took off due to Galeforce were Aphelios and Jhin, and they are still suffering from the fact that they can not really opt into any other mythic options without giving up a lot of power.

As the only mythic item so far, Galeforce is already confirmed to be removed in a recent blog from Riot's design lead Phroxzon. This means we can expect some buffs to its core users once Season 2024 comes around.

Chance of removal: 100%

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Rageblade has been a balancing nightmare in more than one iteration. However, it is also a key element to enable the core fantasy of on-hit champions. It will probably stay in the game as an on-hit item, but the exact direction of Rageblade is probably yet to be decided.

Chance of removal: <1%

Infinity Edge

Remove Infinity Edge and you will infuriate all bot lane players alongside Yasuo, Yone and Tryndamere mains. While this may sound like a fantastic idea to some players, it will absolutely not happen.

Apart from that, Infinity Edge is probably the only mythic item that does not have to be tuned down. It existed in both stronger and weaker states as a legendary item before, so it will probably only drop its mythic passive and otherwise remain unchanged.

Chance of removal: <1%

Navori Quickblades

When first introduced, Navori Quickblades were lacking a proper use case. After being changed into a crit capstone modifier, it finally got the recognition it deserved. While it will have to be tuned down, it is still a valuable addition for all spell-wielding marksmen, and Riot would make a mistake removing it.

Chance of removal: <1%

Cosmic nautilus
Preseason 2024: Nautilus is looking to make an impact with the new items. | © Riot Games

Support Mythics

Echoes of Helia

As the 2023 version of Athene's Unholy Grail, Echoes of Helia have definitely given enchanter supports a lot of their offensive capabilites back. After originally being removed as part of the item rework, it has been brought back quite recently since something for aggressive trading has simply been missing in the enchanter support item pool.

However, as a Minecraft player, I would like to ask for it's Ornn upgrade Cry of the Shrieking City to be renamed to something less... PTSD-provoking...

Chance of removal: 10%


While nice to have for any engage support that is not named Pyke, Evenshroud has missed the mark quite a bit. It is constantly in a state of too strong or too weak, and the fact that it also applies the damage debuff to champions that immobilize the wearer of Evenshroud makes it unhealthy to maintain. If it is not overhauled entirely, it should definitely be removed.

Chance of removal: 50%

Locket of the Iron Solari

Tank supports usually do not get shields. Having an extra one in case some extra protection for your carries apart from your peel is needed is always nice, and Locket has already earned that spot many, many years ago. However, the Consecration passive is definitely going to be removed.

Chance of removal: <1%

Moonstone Renewer

Originally introduced to empower healing and shielding fantasies further, it has been sitting in an unsatisfying spot for a while. While supposed to be the defensive option to Echoes of Helia, there is a chance that Moonstone Renewer will be determined to be a redundant item choice, which would spell the end of its life cycle in League of Legends.

Chance of removal: 60%

Shurelya's Battlesong

While we do already have an aggressive enchanter item in Echoes of Helia, there is a specific niche that only Shurelya's Battlesong fills: engage. Turbo Chemtank is also not in the way of the former Reverie, as it is a tank item. However, Riot will still take a look at Shurelya's, and only they can tell whether or not it is too similar to other support options.

Chance of removal: 25%

Elderwood Ornn Splash 1
Preseason 2024: It will be interesting to see how Riot compensates Ornn, considering his Masterwork upgrades only work on mythic items. | © Riot Games

Tank Mythics


Heartsteel is weird by design. It stacks a lot of health which adds to the core fantasy of champions like Cho'Gath and Sion, but apart from a huge health pool, it does not offer a lot for its user. It feels like Heartsteel has mainly been introduced to synergize well with Hullbreaker and Demolish. However, if there is a Vayne on the enemy team, this strategy quickly falls apart.

To compensate for the lack of defenses, Heartsteel instead offers a whole lot of bonus damage on proc. While it is important that tanks can fight back, Heartsteel chunks targets for a bit too much – 500 bonus damage on a single basic attack are simply not okay. Apart from that, it is questionable if tuning it down without completely gutting it is even possible. Riot, please get rid of it!

Chance of removal: 75%

Iceborn Gauntlet

When it comes to bonus damage tanks gain from items, Iceborn Gauntlet does the job a lot better than Heartsteel. It is also a strong armor item, and previous unsatisfied Frostfire Gauntlet users are also happy to have their Spellblade back. Thanks to the lack of mana, Riot have also stopped Ezreal players from abusing it for themselves. Iceborn Gauntlet is here to stay!

Chance of removal: <1%

Jak'Sho, The Protean

Unlike many other mythic items, Jak'Sho has brought in a strong, reliable mechanic without warping the gameplay of its users too much. All it does is to help you tank more – and your very own kit gets to shine in every fight. Just what Riot want from items in 2024!

Chance of removal: <1%

Radiant Virtue

As an extremely powerful teamfight tool, Radiant Virtue might change the ultimate timing for many engage champions. That is not part of the plan, so it will have to be overhauled or removed. 

Chance of removal: 90%

This is what we currently know and think about the current mythic items. We will let you know if there are any news about these items!

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