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New Bee Skins | Release Date, Champions & More

News 15-02-2022 18:05
Heimerdinger and Ziggs Bee Skins
Heimerdinger in the Bee cosplay is amazing. | © Riot Games

The moment you have all been waiting for since the Season 12 live stream has finally come true! The upcoming Legaue of Legends bee skins have been revealed and they're everything we've been waiting for. 

Though we knew that the bee skins were in the works, seeing them is so much better. They're a fun skin line that shouldn't be taken too serious. Soon Riot will have no more Yordles to bee-ify though, so who will receive bee skins int he future? 


Which Champions Will Get Bee Skins in 2022? 

There will be four champions on the receiving end of Bee skins. So, if you enjoy playing Yordle champions, get ready, because the Yordle bee collection is growing. 

  • Ziggs - BZZZiggs
  • Heimderdinger - Heimerstinger
  • Orianna - Orbeeanna
  • Nunu & Willump - Nunu & Beelump

It doesn't seem like there are any prestige skins in this set, but we received quite a lot of prestige skins at the beginning of the year already, and the bee skins are prestigious enough without the golden hue. 

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Which Champions Already Have Bee Skins? 

The four skins above will join the already existing bee skins: 

  • Teemo - Beemo
  • Yuumi - Yuubee
  • Kog'Maw - Bee'Maw
  • Beekeeper Singed
  • Malzahar - Beezahar

Slowly but surely, the bee universe is going to take over the whole League of Legends client. These skins will be the only ones you choose... and honestly, I wouldn't be mad if every champion got one of these. Though Riot did miss out on the obvious 'Bee Sin' once again this year. RIP. 

How Much Will the Bee Skins Cost? 

The bee skins are likely epic skins that are going to be sold for 1350 RP. None of these skins will be legendary skins like Porcelain Protector Ezreal. So, if you want some cute and adorable skins, get your wallet out, because there are just too many cute skins here! 

When Will the new Bee Skins be Available in League of Legends? 

These skins will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.5. The patch should be released on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. So get ready for the bee skins to take over League of Legends! Your games should be as sweet as honey, right? 

Until then, you'll have to make do with Renata Glasc being released and trying to figure out whether to buy the Shockblade Qiyana or Kassadin skin for your two main mid laners. 

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