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Zeri is out!

Zeri: The Spark of Zaun Revealed!

News 04-01-2022 21:15
Zeri New Champion Lo L
Zeri is out! | © Riot Games

The next champion coming to League of Legends has been revealed through the universe page on the official League of Legends page. She is going to be an electric new ADC to play! 

What do we know about this champion, what abilities she will have and who she is related to is not yet known, but her bio has been revealed and we know that she is quite close to one of our favorite champions – and a key persona in our favorite show Arcane – Ekko! 

When is Zeri Going to be Released? 

Zeri is likely going to hit the PBE servers tomorrow or sometime this week. This means that she could come as soon as LoL Patch 12.02 with LoL Patch 12.01 being released on January 5, 2022. 

Riot Games has done this before. Last year, during their 2021 Season live stream they revealed Viego and he landed on PBE right after. This could happen for Zeri as well, only this time someone was a little trigger happy and already revealed Zeri to the public via the universe page. 

What Do We Know About Zeri? 

Since her bio has been revealed, we know that she grew up in a loving family in Zaun and has always had an affinity for electricity, even creating power outages merely by sneezing. 

Throughout her bio she uses electricity to help those in need. She is able to move quickly and charge up – a hint at a future ability perhaps? – and she is able to destroy whole chem-baron supply lines thanks to her lightning ability – an ultimate perhaps?

She will likely have a few dashes in her kit as well since she does seem to dash from place to place with speed. We also know she will have a unique firing mechanism from the September roadmap. 

Where does Zeri Come From? 

Zeri has been revealed to come from Zaun. We knew she would be a champion from the region based on the September roadmap. Many fans had speculated the new ADC to be Professor von Yipp, but those rumors have now been laid to rest. 

She is another champion known though thanks to Legends of Runeterra. She looks an awful lot like the Practical Perfectionist card from the game. So, who is excited to test out this electric new ADC? 

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