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Who will be the first team to secure a spot in the LEC Summer Finals 2022?

Our Predictions for the LEC Playoffs, Round 2

G2 Caps
G2 Esports are still on top after Round 1 | © Riot Games

After an intense Round 1 of the LEC Playoffs, we are bound to be excited for the games to come in the next round. Out of 15 possible games last weekend, we got a total of 14 games (and a lot of Yuumi), and every series was very thrilling to watch. We are now moving into the second round of playoffs, and we are here to give you our predictions once again. 

Last Friday, Rogue managed, despite what many believed, to take the win against their rivals MAD Lions after a long-fought series ending 3-2 to Rogue. The following day, G2 Esports put Misfits into the Losers Bracket by winning the series 3-1. Finally, on Sunday, Fnatic won in a typical Fnatic-manner with a reverse sweep ending 3-2, thereby eliminating Excel from Playoffs. 

But enough about last week, who will win the upcoming matches for this weekend? Let's take a look at what we believe will happen.

Match One: Misfits vs. Fnatic

This Friday, Misfits and Fnatic will face off in a battle to stay in the LEC Playoffs. Both teams are coming out of an intense Round 1, Fnatic winning against Excel after a hard-fought reverse sweep, and Misfits after a rough loss against the current top team in the LEC, G2 Esports. Even though Misfits placed higher than Fnatic after the regular season, Fnatic really showed that they are not giving up without a fight, finishing the LEC Superweek 3-0 and not giving up when all odds were against them last weekend during the reverse sweep.

Despite their recent addition to the jungle, Zanzarah, Misfits don’t seem that strong anymore and are very limited in their drafts. Fnatic, on the other hand, seems to have a stronger read on the meta and has shown how resilient they actually are when it really matters. This is why we believe the past super team Fnatic will win 3-2 against Misfits and continue their loser-bracket run in typical Fnatic fashion with some silver scrapes.

Fnatic Razork
Will Razork win against his earlier teammates on Misfits? | © Riot Games

Match Two: G2 Esports vs. Rogue

This weekend's second match will be a battle against the two winners of the upper bracket from the first round, G2 Esports and Rogue. Both teams have a strong bot lane with an extensive champion arsenal. Last weekend, we saw Comp carrying his team, playing a different champion in every match. G2 does, however, seem to take this a bit further, as it isn't only their ADC Flakked that shows a big champion pool against Misfits, but also the support, Targamas. Here are all the combos the G2 bot lane played last weekend:

G2 Esports Botlane Draft Against Misfits

  • Match 1: Yasuo - Senna
  • Match 2: Lucian - Nami
  • Match 3: Kalista - Tahm Kench
  • Match 4: Zeri - Lulu

As we can see, both teams excel in their ability to adapt in the bot lane. It does, however, feel like for Rogue, Comp is their primary win condition. If Comp isn't doing well in one match, the team struggles and has a hard time winning. G2, on the other hand, has some extra strength in other lanes as well, which means they aren't as reliant on Flakked being strong to win the game. G2 Esports has also been dominating in the last part of the split and seems to have a pretty good read on the current meta. This is why we believe G2 will win 3-1 against Rogue and move on to the LEC Summer Finals 2022.

Match Three: Mad Lions vs. ??

The last weekend's match will be Mad Lions against the winner of match one. Mad Lions was dominant the regular season but fell off in the end. After their falling-off, it seems like they haven’t been able to get back to their past form. Even though they have the MVP of the regular season, Nisqy,  on their team, it hasn’t yet proven to be enough for them, as we see inconsistency in other players. Lately, especially their toplaner, Armut, has been pretty inconsistent, and we wonder if he will be able to come back as one of the strongest top laners in the LEC. It will be exciting to see how they will perform in their upcoming match and find out if they have what it takes to stay in the LoL European Championship 2022.  

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