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This new game mode sounds cool!

LoL Game Modes: New Information Revealed

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Okay, but a new game mode sounds kind of dope, no? | © Riot Games

It's been ages since we've received a brand-new game mode and Riot has finally filled up the Game Modes team for League of Legends to bring something new to the table in 2023. 

Of course, this new game mode will take time to create and due to this rotating game modes will take a brief pause until this brand-new mode is released, but the community has been begging for something new, so we doubt they'd be mad about this. 


TFT Double Up Mode Goes League of Legends

While rotating game modes are fun, they have become stale with the same four modes constantly coming back for a bit. But this year, with a stacked Modes team, Riot is working on something new and they took inspiration from none other than Teamfight Tactics and their Double Up mode according to a recent dev post

This game mode will be a 2v2v2v2 mode in which four teams of two will battle against one another. This is a quick game mode that will make players play completely different from how they're used to. The goals for this game mode and future ones are: 

  • Quickly get players into champion vs champion combat.
  • Push champion customization beyond where League has traditionally gone.
  • Minimize time spent dead or trapped in a frustrating game.

Can I just play Twitch in this new game mode though?

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Players will play in deathmatch-style rounds with champions gaining more power through levels, items and special augments they can pick up between rounds. Teams are eliminated after losing too many rounds, but you'll be able to queue up for another go at the game mode once you lose. 

Just like in TFT, augments will have a significant impact on your play and team with some insane power ups available. A few of the augments powers were revealed: 

  • Sylas who casts Lissandra W every 5 seconds
  • Ekko with 500 attack range
  • A Kai’Sa who dives the enemy team, dies immediately, and then creates a huge explosion postmortem that wipes out a huge chunk of her two enemies’ remaining health

This game mode should be released sometime in the Summer, alongside the big summer event 2023. As a TFT player this does sound like a lot of fun though and like it will be pure chaos. 

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Nexus Blit is back soon? | © Riot Games

Riot Modes Team Working on Nexus Blitz

Of course, other rotating game modes will not be forgotten as well. URF, ARURF, One-For-All, they're all making a comeback in the second half of 2023 after the release of the 2v2v2v2 game mode, but one mode has wormed its way into the hearts of players and that is Nexus Blitz

Nexu Blitz was promised in 2022, but that did not happen. It seems like now that the Game modes team is up and running, filled with staff members, that Nexus Blitz will be coming back. Whether it's in 2023 was not promised, but the team is working on it. 

Now that we’re staffed up, we’re dedicating a bit of time getting Nexus Blitz functional again before we release it.

ARAM Tower Changes

Riot did not just reveal information on rotating game modes, but also ARAM. The ARAM changes have been relatively well received, especially with some balance changes like shortening the death timers and adding in the hexgates onto the map. 

One thing that Riot did notice that wasn't received as well was the tower rubble – which in my opinion was super fun actually – and how the combat shifted from teamfighting to choke hold fights. 

Well, Riot will be making some adjustments to the tower rubble, stating that they're "going to be strongly scaling back the tower rubble mechanic or outright reverting it in a future patch." 

ARAM is meant to be a fun mode and Riot will try to keep it that way as they manoeuvre through all these changes and adjustments. 

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God I would give anything for them to basically just make bloodline champions with the same controls but in League