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Will we ever see him come back to play in the LEC?

Rekkles Will Be Back in the LEC for the Summer Finals

Rekkles Fnatic
The former star of the LEC is returning to the main stage | © Riot Games

The LEC Finals weekend is about to start, and we are beyond excited to see which players end up as the champions of Europe. We have now received even more reasons to be hyped, as it was recently announced that an old LEC legend will return for the LEC Finals. 

Rekkles is back for finals, everybody! On September 7, LEC announced the On-Air talent for the Summer Finals 2022, and is there a better person to bring back for the final weekend in Sweden than the Swedish legend himself? 

His last appearance on the LEC was together with his old roster, G2 Esports, back in 2021. He later moved on to the LFL and started playing for the French team, Karmine Corp. Right now, it is unknown if Rekkles will ever come back as a player in the LEC, but for now, we will get to enjoy him as one of the On-Air talents instead. 

We are not the only ones excited to see the Swedish bot laner come back to the LEC scene for finals: Also, his old teammate from his time in Fnatic, Broxah, is going to be casting this weekend and has expressed his eagerness about being back with his former teammate.

Because of Covid 19, it has been quite a while since we had such a big live audience. In the LEC On-Air Announcement, Broxah stated that the last time he had such a big audience was with Rekkles back in the LEC Finals in 2019. It will, therefore, be exhilarating to see the two LEC superstars back together after three years for the LEC Summer Finals 2022.

Rekkles and Broxah's former roster managed to get all the way to the Worlds Finals in 2018, where they lost 3-0 against the LPL team Invictus gaming. The whole roster consisted of Bwipo, Soaz, Broxah, Soaz, Rekkles, and Hyllisang.  

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