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G2 brings forward some of the best players in Europe together for their new team.

G2 Announce Their First League of Legends Women's Team

News 02-09-2022 12:06
G2 Esports Hel
This is the new roster for G2's Team Hel | © G2 Esports

G2 Esports are looking for a way to prevent another 0-3 finals this year for Worlds by adding a second League of Legends team into their organization - their first all-female LoL team, Hel. 

G2 Esports has already shown they want to be at the forefront regarding women's representation in the esports scene, with already having signed some of the top players for their all-female Valorant team, Gozen. G2 Esports now takes it a step further by signing their first all-female team for League of Legends.

The new team is known as Hel, after the goddess of death in Norse mythology. When announcing their new roster, G2 explained that this is another step in giving everyone the same opportunity to compete at the highest levels, regardless of someone's gender. Here are the players that will be representing G2 Esports' new team, Hel:

  • Top: Olivia "Lizia" Calistua 
  • Jungle: Agnė "Karina" Ivaškevičiūtė 
  • Mid: Alena "TIFA" Maurer
  • ADC: Maya "Caltys" Henckel
  • Support: Ève "Colomblbl" Monvoisin

Having such a big organization as G2 Esport at the forefront of women's representation is essential in inspiring other big teams to follow up and creating a bigger scene where everyone feels welcome.

G2 Esports' founder, Carlos "Ocelote" had this to say about their newest team: 

At G2, we build teams and bring in top players based on skill, talent, and brand fit – regardless of gender or orientation. We want to give all players the chance to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. G2 Hel includes some of the best female players in the world and we’re delighted to have them on board. As is the case with all of our teams, they’ll have our full support, and we’re excited for them to help us fill our cabinet with more League of Legends trophies, in fact, they already won a trophy before they were even announced.

The trophy Carlos is talking about is the GirlGamer Oradea Festival for LoL in Europe. The team won the award under their past name, Burger Flippers (find me a better name), and is now qualified for the GirlGamer World championship.

Even though it is great that there already is a competition for women to compete in, we do wish that Riot would put more effort into creating an official competition themselves. We already have the VCT GameChangers in Valorant, and it would be exciting to see if Riot is planning something similar for LoL in the future. 

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