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Riot Is Deleting Your Old Account

Do you have an account hidden and forgotten somewhere? © Riot Games

Considering joining League of Legends after a long break? Then, it might be time for you to log into your account before it is lost forever.

On August 15th, 2022, Riot Games released a statement saying they will delete inactive accounts over the next few months. Are you scared that your long-gone but never forgotten smurf account where you once bought a skin will be affected? You most likely don't have to worry. Here is all the information about Riot's upcoming account removals.

Why Are They Removing Accounts?

You might think Riot Games would want to have as many accounts in their game as possible, but this is not the case. Instead, Riot confirmed that they will delete very inactive accounts.

The main reason why they are deleting accounts is to protect you. Riot recently launched 2FA, a Two-Factor Authentification, to improve players' security and privacy.

Usually, Riot uses account data in order to improve players' experience, but they now want to delete all the stored data that isn't necessary anymore, which includes inactive accounts. They will, therefore, delete user data that hasn’t been used in a very long time or not been used at all.

Is My Account Affected?

If you have been playing recently, you don't have to worry. Riot will only delete very inactive accounts. Now, "what is a very inactive account?" I hear you ask. I got you covered. A very inactive account is an account that hasn't had any log-in activity across any of Riot's games, applications, or web properties for over three years

Riot made some very clear terms to decide which accounts are being deleted. In order for your account to be terminated, your account has to follow all the following criteria:

  • The account is inactive
  • The account did not purchase/receive any game currency
  • The account was not played for more than 20 hours
  • The account does not own rare limited edition game entitlements

As you can see, your current main account is unlikely to be affected. If you are still scared of this happening to you, you don't have to worry because Riot will notify every account affected through the email linked to it. 

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