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A really good showing from the LoL community.

Riot Phreak Quits Social Media Over Onslaught of Death Threats

News 16-11-2023 14:45

Riot Phreak announces his departure from social media, over a sharp rise in toxicity.

Back when he did not have to deal with LoL fans so directly | © Riot Games

Riot Phreak is the closest thing the League of Legends community has to the insight of Riot's internal thought process, when it comes to balancing champions.

His series on YouTube, where he discusses watch patch in detail, has helped players understand how the developers view game balance, and foster a feeling of Riot actually caring for League of Legends, instead of it becoming a simple cash grab.

Riot Phreak Receives Multiple Death Threats

Unfortunately, his videos are aimed at the League of Legends community. As such, they are under constant bombardment of the usual, toxic League of Legends players, that are just looking to lash out.

Whether the mistakes made in balancing the game out, such as the over buffing of K'Sante, among many others the players considered wrong or just dislike a particular change, and then voicing politely, is one matter.

The other matter, however, is sending death threats to Riot Phreak, as he's trying to bring our favorite game closer to us, purely due to the fact that he's the one whose face we see when the balance changes are explained.

Due to this, in the video where he explains patch 13.23, he announced that he will quit social media due to increasing toxicity:

"I'm more or less going to quit social media for the immediate future, the amount of toxicity has risen so sharply that it's not worth me seeing the occasional useful comment amidst all the death threats."

The context of this announcement happened while he was expressing thanks to all the LoL players who contributed to the understanding of balance or provided useful comments on what Riot could consider changing.

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In other words, the League of Legends community had what we've been hoping for all this time, a direct link to the balance team, in the form of Riot Phreak, who took in constructive criticism and channeled it to improve the game, only to sever that link with the toxicity.

It definitely ends any debate on Riot's changes to communication, such as pings, or their refusal to add voice chat to the game, as they seem to know their own player base better than we know ourselves.

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