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Toxic Players, You Finally Did It – Overused Ping Feature Will Be Removed

News 21-09-2023 14:45

For as long as we can remember, spam pinging teammates whenever you get unhappy about them has been a part of League of Legends. However, it is not just unsportsmanlike, it can be outright abusive and also very disruptive. Riot is now reacting by putting an end to one specific ping feature.

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LoL Patch 13.19: Significant changes are being made to the smart ping system. | © Riot Games

Toxic players, you did it again! You have ruined another feature that was intended for good use. We are obviously talking about spam pinging allies in various forms, which Riot Games will deny players from doing in Patch 13.19. The best time to stop harassing your teammates with spam pings is now, though!

Specifically, Riot will be removing a part of the scoreboard ping functionality. When was the last time someone pinged you six times in a row with "Your Champion – Alive"? Soon, this will be a thing of the past, as announced by Rioter Chris 'Auberaun' Roberts on Twitter/X. 

Spam pinging is used to harass teammates while circumventing Riot's chat filters. It is a reliable way to tilt your teammates while ensuring that you will not get banned. While players use it to vent their frustration, it is also an easy way to make your teammates frustrated too, which will in return make you lose a lot of games.

LoL Ping Wheel Changes: Newly Introduced Ping Is Already Set To Be Removed

Additionally, Riot is looking to revise the shiny new ping wheel introduced in November 2022. While most of the smart pings have made the intended impact, one ping has stood out in an overwhelmingly negative way.

Originally, the bait ping was introduced as a strategic tool to communicate to a weak or low health ally to act as bait. The intention was to then collapse on the enemy and force them into a really bad trade.

However, toxic players were quick to adapt the bait ping. The hook was quickly interpreted as a request to hang themselves. Since then, the bait ping was rarely used in the intended way, and even if it was used in the intended way, it was often misunderstood as toxicity. 

Auberaun has now announced that Riot will be replacing the bait ping with a more suitable and less ambivalent option. The current adaptation is considered unacceptable, and that is for a good reason. 

While it is not quite clear yet when the bait ping will be removed, it is safe to assume Riot will be taking care of it before the 2024 season kicks off. This way, the bait ping's legacy will hopefully die and only be remembered as a dark page in the League of Legends history books.

What do you think about the current smart ping system? How would you replace the bait ping? Let us know in the comments!

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It's the worthless crybabies that have ruined this game. They're such weak people they actually got heimerdinger spam emote removed. Why do they even want to play this game? They have no problem feeding and ruining your game, but god forbid there's a noise for a couple seconds. This game is absolute trash now.