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Rogue Make the Impossible Possible at LEC Finals

News 12-09-2022 10:47
Rogue win LEC
Rogue finally break their curse. | © Riot Games

It has been a long time waiting for Rogue top laner Odoamne as he finally gets to lift the LEC trophy and take home a domestic title, something which has evaded him in his 7-year career to this point. 

The LEC has crowned their new winner on September 11, 2022 when G2 Esports and Rogue faced off in the LEC finals to see who would represent Europe as the number one seed at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship in the United States of America and Mexico. 


Rogue Quiets the Haters

Until this point, Rogue was known as the team that would choke whenever they reached finals. In 2021 they were reverse swept by the MAD Lions, in Spring quickly decimated by G2 Esports, each time making it to the finals after a successful regular season. 

After years of regular season dominance and exits in the playoffs without any rewards, Rogue decided to show up this weekend, going 6 - 1 throughout the entire finals weekend, only losing a single match to Fnatic before revving their engines and winning six games straight. 

In a post-game interview, Rogue support Trymbi got emotional, talking about one of his former teammates who passed away, something he found out about only a week prior to the finals. He decided he would be more like him and play for him in these finals. 

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Usually we are called chokers so this time G2 lost so maybe they should stop choking.

Top Laner Odoamne has played 7-years of professional League of Legends and hasn't been able to see w win yet, having been the player with the most time in the LEC without a title. Finally, after the finals he does not have to carry this around with him anymore. 

Game 2 Deciding Factor of LEC Finals 2022

Game 2 was the key factor of the LEC finals, with G2 Esports able to play slow and methodical. Fights around the dragon and in the jungle could have gone either way, but Comp came out on top with his pick on Caitlyn, taking the team on his back. 

After a pentakill in game 1, Comp was confident and ready to keep firing, which he did. While G2 came close a few times and almost made a comeback, the game seemed to break their back as Rogue found constant ways to push back. 

Comp and Malrang managed to keep Rogue in the series with Malrang's game winning engage in their own base after G2 had a miracle three kills and were looking to end quickly. 

I don't know... I wasn't thinking and just engaged.

After the match, G2 did state that if they had won the second game, then the series could have looked completely different, but we're not here to talk about 'could have' 'would have' 'should have', instead we are here to welcome the new LEC kings – Rogue!

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