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Stop Playing Seraphine Support: She Is Much Better In Other Roles

News 19-02-2024 14:52

Seraphine has been playable in multiple roles ever since her release, but at the moment she absolutely thrives in the bot lane. But not in the position you think.

Faerie Court Seraphine HD
Seraphine looks so cute! | © Riot Games

Seraphine is one of the coolest champ designs in the game. She is an enchanter that can deal huge damage, shield her entire team and even provide a ton of valuable crowd control. She is like a Swiss Army Knife of a champion, but she needs a few items to really reach her full potential. So what did people do? Well, support is a role that doesn't really get a lot of gold, so players have just decided to play her as an AP carry. 

In the support role she is currently sporting a terrible 47% win rate while she achieves almost 54% win rate in the other role of the bot lane.

LoL: Why Is Seraphine APC Better Than Support?

Crystal Rose Seraphine
I wish we had this skin in the game but it is Wild Rift exclusive. | © Riot Games

Seraphine APC has quite a few advantages in the current meta. She can reliably farm from range with her Q's while also being rather safe with her shields and crowd control. This safety allows the support to roam, which is very strong in the current meta.

She has always been a champion that really requires items but once she has one or two of them she becomes an absolute force in team fights. Low mana costs and low cooldowns really enable her to support her team and catch the enemies off guard. 

The current build for Seraphine bot lane consists of Archangel's Staff (Seraphs Embrace) into Staff of Flowing Water or Moonstone Renewer. Rylai's Crystal Sceptre is also a great item for her, as it enables her to stun with her E alone. 

The current bot lane meta is very late game centric as supports try to get the team ahead and ADC's tend to farm alone in the bot lane. Seraphine can match this really well, but has a huge advantage over ADC's in the mid-game. While champions like Lucian and Vayne are not really that strong yet with one or two items, this is where Seraphine gets going. 

Ocean song seraphine prestige
Seraphine is the Queen of Team Fights. | © Riot Games

Then Seraphine can start grouping with her team for objectives early and carry the team fights with her item spikes while the ADC's are still farming for their third item to have enough crit stats. During this phase, Seraphine can do so much that the team is just way stronger than the opponent and runs them over.

Seraphine also has the advantage of taking the teleport summoner spell, which allows her to take bad trades or reset timers and still come out on top over the enemy ADC's. Seraphine also has the option to be played with a fasting Senna, which allows both of them to be very gold efficient and just outscale enemy team comps incredibly fast. 

It's a much better pick than support Seraphine so if you enjoy this cute pop star you should try her out as a carry instead!

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