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How did the first day of the LCK go?

T1 and Liiv Sandbox Take Wins in LCK Start

Faker LCK
Faker and T1 looked solid in their first game of the season. | © Riot Games/LCK via Flickr

The LPL had their start just two days ago, today the LCK kicked off with two exciting matches between DRX and Liiv Sandbox, followed by T1 taking on the Kwangdong Freecs.

Let’s check out how the starting day of the LCK went and which teams look promising to kick off the spring split in 2022. Can we already predict who is a favorite to make it to MSI this year?

DRX vs. Liiv Sandbox

DRX finished off the 2021 season in shambles. They had one of the worst summer split performances to date and throughout the 2021 off-season, they didn’t add too many new pieces. The bot lane got an upgrade with Deft and BerryL, but other than that not much has changed.

Liiv Sandbox is a dark horse in this year's LCK, a team that has to prove itself before fans will get completely hooked on them. Well, their performance in this series against DRX was quite convincing, winning the Bo3 2 - 0.

Dove showed up big in the first game with Tryndamere, while Croco showed prowess in the jungle. Who would have thought that this team of youngsters could show DRX up like that?

T1 vs. Kwangdong Freecs

The game everyone was waiting for was the much-anticipated showdown between T1 and the Kwangdong Freecs. Both Teddy and Ellim switched form T1 to the Freecs and fans were excited to see whether they’d be able to get revenge on their previous team.

T1 was solid through and through. Not even Kiin, the rookie killer, could slow down Zeus who was making his debut for T1 in front of a filled LoL Park. The young top laner has played in 2021, but never in front of fans, which had some concerned, but he kept his nerves in check as T1 took the W 2 - 0.

Oner and Gumayusi gained MVP points through their strong plays throughout the series. The first game was close, with T1 slowly building their lead before crushing the Kwangdong Freecs at the elder drake. The second game was much more one-sided with T1 taking the win with ease.

When are the Next LCK Games?

The next games will take place on Thursday, January 13, 2022. The first game will be between Hanwha Life and Nongshim RedForce, where many believe Nongshim to have the upper hand, with Hanwha looking to be the weakest team of the 10 in the LCK this year.

The second match on Thursday will be between KT Rolster, who picked up LJL star mid laner Aria in the off-season, and DAMWON KIA, who have a whole new lineup with a brand new bot lane and a new top laner. Will ShowMaker and Canyon be able to show off their skill with a whole new team?

Where Can You Watch the Next LCK Matches?

The LCK does not have any broadcasting rights on YouTube, which is why you’ll have to tune in to the official stream on the LCK Twitch channel. VODs will be made available at the end of the day though, if you miss any games they will still be available on YouTube.

Are you excited for the LCS? The Lock-In tournament will kick off soon. We also can’t forget about the LEC, which is going to start on January 14, 2022. Who else is hyped for the Vitality super team?