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Will we see less BO1s?

The LEC Looks to Change Their Current Format

News 15-09-2022 15:20
LEC Finals 2022
What are LEC's future plans? | © Riot Games

The LEC will go through some changes for next year. Can we finally expect to see more Best-Of-Three games during LEC regular season? 

During a talk with L'Équipe, Maximilian Peter Schmidt, the Head of League of Legends Esports in EMEA, discussed the future plans of the European League of Legends scene for the upcoming season. 

Upcoming Changes for the LEC - Teams and Format

We Say Goodbye to Misfits 

The first significant change for the region next year is the departure of Misfits and having Team Heretics join as the LEC's tenth team instead. Misfits decided earlier this year to sell their spot to the french organization, and on July 27, 2022, they announced they would leave the LEC for good.  

Even though Misfits announced they would be leaving already in July, the team played through the whole season and managed to get in fourth place during the regulars. They had their final match on September 2, 2022, where they lost 3-0 against Fnatic.

As of now, Team Heretics is the only team confirmed to join LEC next year, but there are rumors around other teams looking to buy a spot as well, like the French Organization, Karmine Corp, and the North American team, TSM.

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During the interview with L'Équipe, Maximilian explained that their partners selling their LEC sport is first and foremost their own decision. However,  to ensure the protection of other teams, Riot Games must ensure that the new organization's vision aligns with the one of LEC. 

The LEC Looks to Change The Best-of-One Format

Until now, in the LEC, every game in the regular season is played in a Best-of-One format. Throughout the season, the different teams compete against each other in Bo1 matches, and the top six teams make it to the LEC Playoffs. 

According to L'Équipe, we might see fewer of these types of games for next year, as the team owners of the teams currently in the LEC have been talking about improving the current format. Maybe we will get a similar structure to the one in LPL, where every team faces off in a Best-of-Three series throughout the regular season.

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Many fans are tired of the current format in the LEC and wish for a change. Right now, for many, it feels like not a lot is at stake when a team loses a match one day, and creating a format in which more is at stake can also be beneficial for the LEC's viewer numbers, which have lately gone down.

Future Plans for the LEC

Currently, we have ten teams competing in the LEC, but the head of LoL Esports believes that a change in the number of teams participating is inevitable. As we already mentioned, there are currently several teams not in the LEC that are interested in joining the competition. The only way for an organization to join the LEC is through one of the teams already in the LEC, deciding to sell their spot to the organization interested.

Even though Maximilian believes this change to be inevitable, he believes Riot Games will do everything possible to make the European League of Legends scene as good as possible. Do you think these changes would be good for the LEC? 

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