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The Danish superstar will do what it takes to return to competitive LoL

Will Broxah Return to the LEC Next Season?

Broxah Fnatic
Broxah's last team in the LEC was Fnatic | © Riot Games

The former jungler of major teams, like Team Liquid and Fnatic, is aching to get back to the professional scene for next year. 

The Danish jungler has spent the last year streaming on Twitch, bringing out entertaining and educational content, but when he was recently asked about his future plans, he seemed to want a change from his current state. Broxah is known by many as very kind and wholesome, often coming out with consoling Tweets to teams after big losses, making sure the fans are being nice to the players.

During a recent stream, Broxah said his main goal next year is to play professionally again. But, of course, his wanting to play professionally doesn't mean it will happen next year. He still needs to find an organization that works for him, and that is in need of a jungler. But even though it is not sure, it looks like Broxah is willing to adapt a lot to get what he wants. This is what he said during his last stream:

I really, and i mean really, want to play professionally again next year. And I don't even think it matters too much if it is in the LEC or in the LCS, but I really want to play. I do.

Broxah reached the peak of his professional career back in 2018 when they got all the way to the League of Legends Worlds Finals, where they lost 0-3 to invictus Gaming. After his time in Fnatic, he moved on to the LCS and played for Team Liquid and CLG. After a heartbreaking split with CLG in the summer of 2021, ending last place in the regular season with a score of 7-20, Broxah stopped playing League of Legends professionally and turned to streaming. 

Broxah has also proven himself a talented League of Legends caster. In the last year, he has had many appearances on the LEC broadcast, sharing his good game sense and broad game knowledge. His latest appearance on the LEC was during the LEC Summer finals, together with his former teammate on Fnatic, Rekkles

It will be exciting to see if Broxah will manage to get into the professional League of Legends scene again. Maybe he will be the new jungler for the new LEC organization, Team Heretics?

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