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Trymbi Receives the Biggest Audience Buff for LEC Finals

Trymbi Finals 2022
Trymbi proving everyone wrong by winning against the fan favorites in the LEC Finals| © Riot Games

Ever since COVID-19 hit, everyone in the LEC longed to play in front of a big audience again. This was ultimately made possible on the final weekend of the LEC. Even though many players have uttered their excitement to play on the big stage, Trymbi, in particular, seems to have been buffed by the big crowd.

The LEC Summer Finals just ended, and despite what many people believed, Rogue dominated G2 Esports ending the series with a clean 3-0

Rogue's Support, Trymbi, is known by many to generally be very calm but to choke when he is under a lot of pressure. But on yesterday's  LEC Finals, we saw a whole new side of him, and we love it. The new Polish superstar was often seen standing up in excitement after good plays from his team and even hyping up the audience behind him.  Trymbi ended finals with a total KDA of 4/2/32 together with his AD Comp, going deathless, ending 24/0/14.

The LEC finals were held in Malmö, Sweden, in front of a packed stadium. Many players attending the LEC Finals have mentioned how good it would be to play in front of a crowd again, and for many, even for the first time. 

Many fans were interested to see how some of the newer players in Rogue would hold up with playing in front of such a big crowd, but it did not seem to be a factor weighing them down at all. From the beginning to the end of the series, Rogue looked to be confident in their decisions and was overpowering the former superteam the whole series through. 

G2 Esports has been a fan favorite for a long time, and also, the audience seemed to have consisted of more fans cheering for G2 compared to Rogue. This can, for many, be demotivating if you are playing on the other team. However, Trymbi did not seem to be affected by this at all. After the Series, Trymbi was asked by Laure how good it was to be on stage, and this is what he had to say:

I could just show my feelings and let it be. And, yeah, I was enjoying every single second of people cheering. At the end of the day, I didn’t know who they were cheering for, unless they were shouting the G2 chant, but I was making use of it regardless.

Later in the interview, Trymbi got emotional talking about his former teammate who recently passed away. During the interview, Trymbi mentioned that after the news of his death, he decided he would try to be more like his former teammate and play for him.

With the LEC finals coming to an end, we are looking forward to seeing what the top team in Europe has in store for us going into the international scene for Worlds 2022. Do you think Europe has a chance of making it to the top this year, or do you think the World Championship title will once again go to either the LCK or the LPL