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This Challenger Player Has a 99% Winrate | Are We Dealing with a New Star in NA?

News 15-09-2022 18:00
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The current top-ranking player in NA's Flex Queue reigns high above everyone else with a 98,76% winrate. Are we dealing with a superhuman or does he have some tricks up his sleeve to make his ranked journey easier than usual?

So who are we talking about? Apparently, there is a player in the North American League of Legends server with the Summoner name "Year Year U Fish". The player currently has the highest rank in the NA's Flex Queue with 2,188 LP in Challenger. 

If this isn't impressive enough for you, the mysterious player stands out from everyone else with a winrate of 99.5%, winning 239 of 242 matches.

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Looking at op.ggYear Year U Fish is a support main, mainly playing champions like Karma, Nautilus, and Tresh. Lately, the Support has also played a lot of Braum. 

His impressive winrate has gained a lot of attention lately, also from YouTuber Professor Akali:

But let's reflect upon this, shall we? Are we actually dealing with the new legend of North America, who cannot seem to be beaten, or is something else happening behind the scenes? Because, frankly,his stats seem kind of SUS and too good to be true. 

Looking at the player's Solo-Queue rank, we see that their winrate is not as impressive. The Support is currently Platinum 1 in SoloQ with a winrate of 15 wins to 7 losses. 

In the Support's previous season, the player never got higher than Diamond 3. It is, therefore, hard to imagine that this player is actually Challenger, but who knows, maybe they are just a Flex God. 

Year Year U Fish is not the only one who knows how to play Thresh...

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If we look closer at the player's match history, we find that they seem to play with the same players consistently, which usually don't rank higher than Platinum/Diamond in Flex Queue. All his teammates rank from Gold to Diamond in Flex Queue, whereas their Solo Queue rank is very different: One of his teammates is Platinum 2 in Solo Queue, and another is Gold 2.

Even more interesting is teammate "Rosesrmine," who is Grandmaster in Solo Queue but Platinum 1 in Flex. We also find one teammate being Diamond 4 in Flex and unranked in Solo Queue.

Because the Support main is always playing with Platinum players, he is very unlikely to face many Challengers in his games. 

Right now, we can only speculate on what is going on, but it does seem suspicious to have such a high winrate in Challenger.

What do you think is the reason for the player's high winrate? 

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