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Is this goodbye to Shenyi

TSM Sign Veteran Support Player

News 04-05-2022 18:30
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Will he be playing for Academy? | © Estral Esports

The rumor mill has been right once more. Recently, it was reported that TSM FTX was looking to sign veteran support player Choi “Mia” Sang-in to their 2022 Summer Split LCS roster and on May 4, 2022 (Star Wars day guys) the announcement was made official. 

This would mean that Shenyi is out of the picture for the summer split, right? Well, not exactly. Mia was signed to TSM FTX's academy team, meaning he will have time to adjust to the LCS environment before maybe being called up to the LCS. 


Who Will Start for TSM In the LCS Summer Split? 

As already mentioned, Mia has been assigned to the TSM Academy for the time being. TSM FTX head scout has explained on Twitter that Shenyi and Mia will be competing for the spot on the LCS squad, meaning the team will play the player they feel works better with the team. 

So, while TSM did announce Mia as their Academy support, he could be called up to the LCS any time. This also means that Shenyi can be called down to the Academy whenever the team feels that things aren't working out with him in the roster. 

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TSM has had one of the worst splits in the League of Legends orgs history, not making playoffs for the first time since they've joined the LCS. The team also recently let go of their former mid laner Keaiduo and rumors have been running rampant that former PSG Talon mid laner Maple will be taking his place. 

Before we kick off the 2022 LCS Summer Split though, we will get to watch some international competition with the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. But TSM, as well as C9, are building new rosters after disappointing finishes this last spring split. What will the LCS Summer Split look like?