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Who will be the new support for Vitality?

Three Players Looking to Leave Vitality

News 26-09-2022 11:10
Vitality allows Selfmade to look for other options | © Riot Games

This year's rooster was considered by many to be the new superteam of the LEC. However, after two seasons of disappointing results, Team Vitality will part ways with two of its players. 

On September 21, 2022, Labrov and Selfmade announced that they are still under contract with Vitality, but the team has allowed them to look for other options for next year. Both their contracts were supposed to expire in 2024.

Labrov is Vitality's Support and has been with the team since June 2022. Selfmade joined the team at the same time as Labrov. At the beginning of his time with Vitality, Selfmade was their main jungler, but in Summer 2022, he was replaced by Haru and became the team's substitute jungler. 

Selfmade has formerly had success with Fnatic, but even though he has competed in the LEC finals, he and his former teammates have never managed to take the LEC trophy home. 

[Update: September 26, 2022]

One day after Labrov and Selfmade made their announcement, Vitality's current main jungler, Haru, also announced he was looking for a new team for 2023. As we can see, we can expect. a whole new Vitality going into next year, and it will be exciting to see what the team has to offer for next year.


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Team Vitality in the Past

Team Vitality changed almost their entire roster for the Spring Split 2022. Only Labrov and Selfmade were left after the changes, and Vitality introduced a whole new roster filled with LEC Superstars like Perkz, Alphari, and Carzzy

Many were excited about the new roster and believed they were the team that could compete amongst the best in Europe and even take the LEC trophy home.

However, the fans were disappointed when Vitality just qualified for playoffs in Spring, not making it further than Round 2. Summer 2022 was even worse. The team had all their cards laid out for them to qualify for playoffs but ended up going 0-3 in LEC Superweek and being eliminated from playoffs contention. 

As Vitality did not make playoffs, they also lost their chances to qualify for Worlds 2022. This means the entire roster has a big break until next year, when they will try again with a new roster. For now, only Labrov and Selfmade have been allowed to look for other options, but we will wait and see if any of the other teammates join along the way. 

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