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We are now left to wonder who will pick up the jungler next season.

Spica Announces Departure from TSM

TSM Spica
Who will be the new jungler for TSM? | © Riot Games

After a disappointing lower-bracket run ending with a 3-2 against EG, the TSM Jungler Spica is looking to part ways with TSM.

TSM finished 7th place in the LCS 2022 Summer Regular Season with a score of six wins and twelve losses. Playoffs then started for the team in the losers bracket, where they managed to win one series against FlyQuest before being eliminated from Playoffs after losing 3-2 to EG. With the loss against EG, TSM also lost their chances to compete amongst the best of the best in Worlds 2022.

After the disappointing results, the LCS jungler Spica is now looking to play for another organization next year, as he, on September 6, announced that TSM has terminated his contract and is now a free agent. In his announcement, he thanked all the fans for their support:

TSM has terminated my contract so I am a free agent effective today. Thanks to all the fans for the 4 years of overwhelming support and I'm excited for whats coming next.

The Chinese jungler started his career in TSM in the academy team back in 2019. He was officially called up for the main roster in summer 2020, where he managed to win the LCS finals against FlyQuest after an impressive loser-bracket run. After their strong performance in the LCS playoffs, the fans were excited to see how they would perform in Worlds 2020. However, the results were disappointing as the roster finished 0-6 in Worlds Group Stage.

After the heartbreaking results in Worlds, the TSM roster had a complete makeover, and some of the best players to have ever played in the LCS, Bjergsen and Doublelift, announced their retirement. Alongside the top players, TSM decided to change their complete roster except for Spic.

With the new additions, TSM managed to bring home some strong results, like finishing first in the Summer Regular season, but they still haven't managed to win another LCS Title since the 2020 LCS Summer Split.

It is still not certain which team will pick up Spica for next season, but it will be exciting to see where he will end up once it is announced. 

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