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Why is he taking a break before Playoffs?

Uzi Takes a Break From Pro Play

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The LPL Playoffs are set into stone, but BiliBili Gaming will have to start off their playoff run without superstar Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao. Why has the player left right before the most important part of the season and how will BiliBili Gaming fare? 

Ahead of the 2022 LPL season Uzi made his big comeback on the roster of BiliBili Gaming. After having taken a year and a half off professional League of Legends, the bot lane master would be the back-up player for the org behind young talent Doggo, now he announced that he's taking a break once more. 


Uzi Takes Break Ahead of Playoffs 

In a statement which was posted on Thursday, March 24, 2022, BiliBili Gaming announced that  the superstar bot laner would be taking a break from professional play once more. The reason? The org stated on weibo that it was due to synergy issues with the team. 

This comes just a week after Uzi had made a statement of his own on Weibo regarding the team and how they haven't gelled together — at least in the eyes of the fans who demanded he play instead of Doggo. Now, it seems that fans worries came true with Uzi taking another break.

BiliBili Gaming did state that the decision was made along with Uzi and that both parties came to a mutual agreement. 

When Will Uzi Return? 

A return date for Uzi has not been discussed yet. The player will likely come back ahead of the Summer Split. With BiliBili Gaming finishing in the low 7-9 place in the LPL they will have to start their playoff run in the third round already, against Rare Atom. 

Making it to the end might be a difficult task, especially with Uzi  not playing and the team showing lack of synergy throughout the split, so we highly doubt we'll see them at the Mid-Season Invitational this year. 

The BiliBili roster was projected to finish amongst the top 6 in the LPL with superstar Uzi, as well as Doggo making the team, but the lack of synergy between all the players just shows that bringing together a bunch of superstar players doesn't always mean they'll perform as expected... let's take PSG for example, right?