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The social media corporation's team won their namesake cup

Weibo Gaming Wins First Event in China's 2023 Calendar

News 06-01-2023 18:30

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Weibo Gaming took their first win of 2023, is this a sign of more to come? © Riot Games/LPL

The star-studded team of Weibo Gaming took the Weibo Cup 2022, scoring first blood in the Chinese LPL calendar for 2023.

Soon after the Demacia Cup ended, LPL fans were treated to another tournament featuring the best teams of the region. The Weibo Cup 2022 started on December 30th, featuring 4 of the top LPL teams and 8 teams from the LDL, China’s second-tier circuit. The 8 LDL teams faced off in two groups, with the top two seeds before entering a playoff bracket with the four memes of the elite division.

While the Weibo event is seen as not nearly as prestigious as the Demacia Cup, it is nonetheless another chance to see how the LPL representatives measure up.After their victory in the Demacia Cup last month, Bilibili Gaming was seen as a likely favorite here alongside the “host” Weibo Gaming Team, with the strong LGD Gaming squad also being a strong contender.

The groups resulted in four academy teams going through, though three of them were routed in the quarterfinals. The lone exception, EDG Youth Academy, advanced in a quarterfinal with another LDL team. The team of Weibo Gaming, coming off a dramatic 3-2 win against OMG, put an end to their tournament hopes with a 3-0 sweep, however. On the other side of the bracket, Bilibili Gaming and LNG Gaming clashed in the semifinal, with the Demacia Cup Champions advancing after a 3-1 series. In the finals, both teams had some clown fiesta moments, but ultimately Weibo rallied and won with a 3-1 series and, apparently, a good dinner. 

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Perhaps due partially to the COVID-19 situation, there is still no clarity on when the LPL spring split will begin, but we expect both BLG and Weibo to vie for a Top 4 spot. In the meantime, make sure to watch the Kickoff 2023, a special two-day event next week featuring top pro players and teams from around the globe.