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Which Champions Should You Pair With Skarner Afrer His VGU?

News 18-03-2024 16:27

Skarner's VGU is right around the corner and everybody is going to try him out! But what if you don't get to play him? Well you could at least support your Skarner with some nice synergies. Here are the best champions to pair with the reworked Skarner.

Guardian of the Sands Skarner Splash Art
Xerath and Rammus with Skarner? | © Riot Games

The reworked Skarner will release with Patch 14.7. Unless you play Blind Pick there can only be one Skarner per game so the chances of you playing him can be quite low. If you want to be a nice teammate it could be beneficial to pick a champion that the new Skarner synergizes with. While we obviously don't know exactly which champions will be good with him, we can make a few educated guesses.

What Champions Does Skarner Synergize With?

Icons Skarner R
Looks like it hurts. | © Riot Games

Champions that want to play around Skarner either have a lot of crowd control that he can follow up on or can deal huge amounts of damage. Skarner's role is to engage and lock down enemy champions, so the team can finish them off. This either requires him to engage on his own or follow up on a teammates crowd control. The hard cc he provides allows for free damage from his teammates. 

So which champions would work well with Skarner?

1. Neeko

Street Demon Neeko
Is that second cannon minion a Neeko? Or is it just my lucky day? | © Riot Games

Neeko is just a staple great champion. She provides a lot of trickery and great lane control while also providing enough crowd control to enable a gank. She can also follow up on a Skarner Combo with her ult dealing lots of damage and crowd controlling them again.

2. Anivia

Another mid laner that would work great with Skarner is Anivia. Not only does she provide crowd control and team fight damage, but she also has a wall that Skarner can slam his enemies into. This combo would be very hard to pull off but even more satisfying when it hits.

3. Aatrox

Justicar aatrox
Aatrox is good with any champion basically. | © Riot Games

Aatrox has a huge damage potential that also provides a fair bit of cc. Combining Skarner with Aatrox seems like an easy fit since they can both play off each other and enable the huge Aatrox Q3, Skarner Ult interaction for massive damage.

4. Nautilus

Obviously Nautilus has lots of cc but the ability to lock down a specific champion for multiple seconds just gives Skarner so much time and so many opportunities to strike that this will be an insane combo.

5. Ashe

Ashe 17
My favourite ADC. | © Riot Games

Ashe is already the dream ADC of any jungler that likes to gank bot lane. Just think about it. You start charging towards bot lane and Ashe lands her ultimate to secure your charge. You can then follow this up with the Skarner Ult and drag the enemy towards your teammates. Absolutely amazing.

What would you pick with Skarner? 

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